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Obama Hosts Special Olympics Commemorative Gala

President Barack Obama held a star-studded celebration at the White House to honor the anniversary of the Special Olympics.

Obama Signs Executive Order Barring LGBT Workforce Discrimination

President Barack Obama gives the LGBT community protection against workplace discrimination with a newly signed executive order.

Obama Unveils New Commitments in Support of My Brother’s Keeper Initiative

The President announces $104 million boost for his initiative, which promises to improve education for Black and Latino boys. Watch the President’s address here.

Eric Holder: ‘There’s a Racial Animus’ Toward the Obama Administration

In a televised interview, the attorney general points to race as a component for the pushback that Republicans give the President. See the full clip here.

Obama Delays Plans to Send Undocumented Minors Back Across the Border

Despite continued GOP criticism, the President makes a request for emergency aid to help with the recent border surge. Read about the administration’s plans here.

Outrage Spreads as Local NYC Newspaper Headline Calls President Obama the N-Word

In an attempt to shock readers, the WestView News runs an opinion piece by James Lincoln Collier titled “The N-word in the White House.” See how New Yorkers reacted here.

Shinseki Resigns Following ‘Systematic Problems’ With VA

Veteran Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki voluntarily resigns following a ‘serious conversation’ with President Obama.

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Obama Administration Turning to NBA for a Slam Dunk on Healthcare?

Report says officials are seeking NBA stars to assist in marketing President Obama’s signature healthcare law.

Obama Doppleganger on "The Bible" series Blows Up Social Media

HISTORY Channel Racist? Why Satan Looks Like Obama

The Bible producers claim the Satan character's resemblance to President Obama is “utter nonsense,” despite actor whose skin was darkened

Diversity & Inclusion News: Obama Stands Up for Gay Marriage

Obama to Court: Overturn Prop 8, Gays & Lesbians Deserve Right to Marry

Obama’s friend-of-the-court brief makes him the first president to urge the Supreme Court to expand same-gender marriage rights.

Diversity Lacks: Does the GOP have a future in America?

GOP for White People Only?

A controversial new article contending that the GOP’s history precludes it from being inclusive of nonwhites asks whether the party has a future in America.

BREAKING NEWS! Boy Scouts to End Gay Ban for Members, Not Leaders

Obama Joins Corporate Outcry Against Boy Scouts’ Gay Ban

Should the Boy Scouts lift its gay ban? President Obama reveals during a video interview why he believes gays and lesbians should have access.

Obama's Cabinet Lacks Diversity: Where Are All the Women, Blacks, Latinos & Asians?

Obama’s Cabinet Diversity Record ‘Embarrassing as Hell’

The president has surrounded himself with white male advisers. Aren’t there any women, Blacks, Latinos or Asians qualified to sit on his Cabinet?

Service Women's Action Network

Obama Signs New Military Sexual Violence Provisions Into Law

This landmark bill marks the largest number of sexual violence provisions ever signed into law.

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[Slideshow] Obama’s New National Security Team—Better Put on Your Sunglasses

Will Obama’s inner circle remain overwhelmingly white and male during his second term?

Will Macy's Fire Donald Trump for His Racist, Sexist Comments?

Macy’s Brand Loyalty Falls Sharply After Trump’s Gaffes

Macy’s brand loyalty index takes a 45 percent nosedive as retailer refuses to @DumpDTrump.

Papa John’s CEO John Schnatter is reducing workers' hours and raising the cost of pizza

Papa John’s CEO: ‘In a Bunch of Trouble’ for Obamacare Job Cuts

In the latest development, John Schnatter's not budging on his decision to cut employees' hours and raise pizza prices—while passing blame to Obamacare—despite a growing boycott of Papa John’s.

Obama Shakes Hands With Women in the Crowd

Diversity Wins: Demographic, Psychographic Shifts Decided Election

Youth and diversity trumped baby boomers and heterogeneous voting blocks.