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Trump Administration to Delay Obama-era Fair Housing Rule: NYT

Trump Administration to Delay Obama-era Fair Housing Rule: NYT

The Trump administration plans to delay until 2020 enforcement of a federal rule that requires communities to assess racial segregation in housing and offer plans to correct it.

U.S. Education Secretary Calls Obama Transgender Guidelines ‘Overreach’

U.S. Education Secretary Calls Obama Transgender Guidelines ‘Overreach’

U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos called the transgender school bathrooms issue one that is "best dealt with and solved at a personal level and a local level."

Chicago Torturers 'Could have been Obama's children,' Tweets Mary Durstein

Chicago Torturers ‘Could have been Obama’s children,’ Tweets Teacher

The West Virginia high school teacher has been suspended for her racist Twitter rants.

Obama on The Daily Show

President Obama Explains How He Navigates Racial Topics

Says people “sometimes have blind spots … but that doesn’t mean that they’re not open to learning and caring about equality and justice … there’s goodness in the majority of people.”

Obama Tells Trump to 'Stop whining' Over Rigged Election Claims

Obama Tells Trump to ‘Stop whining’ Over Rigged Election Claims

"I'd invite Mr. Trump to stop whining and go try to make his case to get votes," the president said of Trump's allegations of a "rigged election."

Republican Rep Nominee Likens Obamas to Monkeys

Fellow Republicans have called on Dan Johnson to drop out of the race after numerous racially charged Facebook posts — but he vowed to "make Kentucky great again."

Obama Says Trump’s Comments on Women Disqualifying

Obama Says Trump’s Comments on Women Disqualifying

Obama said the comments would disqualify Trump from even a job at a convenience store.

Implicit Bias Training for Police Gaining Attention

Implicit Bias Training for Police Gaining Attention

The subject has come up during the presidential campaign following slew of police-related shootings.

civil rights, black lives matter

Sharp Split in Attitudes Toward #BLM Between Political Parties

Is the BLM movement destined to be as successful as the Civil Rights Movement? Early results say yes.

Olympic History: First Hijab-Wearing U.S. Olympic Athlete to Compete

Ibtihaj Muhammad will be America's first Muslim woman to compete in the 2016 Olympics for international fencing.

‘Redskins’ Name Hindering NFL Team’s New Stadium

Obama administration considers team’s name "a relic of the past and believes it should be changed."

U.S. Reopens Diplomatic Ties With Cuba

Politicians divided along party lines; Cuban exiles divided along generational lines.

Black and Latino Vote

What Matters More to GOP: National Security or Halting Immigration?

Republican politicians say they plan on winning over the Latino vote, but their actions continue to alienate the very group that could potentially be responsible for deciding the next President.

Details on Obama’s Immigration Reform

More particulars about President Obama’s immigration-reform plan have been revealed, and they include the ability to pay for a citizenship application with a credit card. See what the other changes will be made here.

Ariz. Dreamers Can Keep Driver’s License

A federal judge has ruled in favor of Dreamers permanently keeping the temporary license issued to them last month, giving them access to the same rights as other non-citizens.

Is Immigration Reform Only Important to Latinos?

During the GOP’s Spanish-language rebuttal to President Obama’s State of the Union address, Congressman Carlos Curbelo of Florida deviated from the English version on just one topic: immigration. Why was the subject only directed at Latinos? Watch both speeches here.

President Barack Obama

Obama: ‘The Shadow of Crisis Has Passed’

In his State of the Union address, President Obama praised the nation for rising above the economic crisis and War on Terror and vowed to veto anything that gets in the way of bettering the middle class. Watch Obama’s speech in its entirety here.

Sony Hack Reveals Racist Emails Targeting Obama

The Sony email leak reveals a racist email exchange between high-powered Hollywood executives mocking the President. Find out here what was said in those emails.

Republican Aide (and First Daughters Critic) Resigns

Elizabeth Lauten releases a public apology and resigns after receiving major backlash for criticizing Malia and Sasha Obama during the President’s annual turkey pardon. Find out what Lauten had to say about the first daughters here.

Obama’s Immigration Reform: ‘You Can Come Out of the Shadows’

In his revolutionary executive-action speech, President Obama promises protection from deportation to 5 million undocumented immigrants and outlines his new plan. Find out what you need to know about this groundbreaking change in immigration law. Watch the speech here.

Obama Hosts Special Olympics Commemorative Gala

President Barack Obama held a star-studded celebration at the White House to honor the anniversary of the Special Olympics.

Obama Signs Executive Order Barring LGBT Workforce Discrimination

President Barack Obama gives the LGBT community protection against workplace discrimination with a newly signed executive order.

Obama Unveils New Commitments in Support of My Brother’s Keeper Initiative

The President announces $104 million boost for his initiative, which promises to improve education for Black and Latino boys. Watch the President’s address here.

Eric Holder: ‘There’s a Racial Animus’ Toward the Obama Administration

In a televised interview, the attorney general points to race as a component for the pushback that Republicans give the President. See the full clip here.