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U.S. Transgender People Harassed in Public Restrooms: Landmark Survey

NCAA Returns to North Carolina After Transgender Bathroom Law Repeal

Rights groups criticized the NCAA for returning to North Carolina while its cities were still banned from passing anti-discrimination laws.

NCAA Again Weighing North Carolina as Host after Bathroom Law Repeal

NCAA Again Weighing North Carolina as Host after Bathroom Law Repeal

A majority of the board “reluctantly” voted to permit the state to be considered for championship games in light of the new measure, the NCAA said.

Marriott International Scores Big With NCAA Partnership

Marriott International Scores Big With NCAA Partnership

Designated as the “Official Hotel Partner of the NCAA,” Marriott International looks forward to welcoming students, alumni, fans and families across the country.

Diversity Loses in College Football Coaching Jobs

Although 53.4 percent of college football players were Black for the 2015 season, less than 9 percent of head coaches at schools that make up the Football Bowl Subdivision are Black.

Should Your Company Do Business in Indiana After ‘Religious Freedom Law’?

The corporate, political and social backlash against Indiana’s new ‘Religious Freedom Law’ is escalating. The fight against the law, which allows LGBT discrimination, is led by Diversityinc Top 50 companies Eli Lilly and Company and Cummins

Mike Rice is just an example of racism, sexism & bigotry in college sports.

Why Are College Sports the Only Place on Campus Where You Have to Stay in the Closet?

The following column appeared as the “CEO Letter” in the Summer 2013 edition of DiversityInc magazine. CLICK HERE to read the digital edition of this and past issues. By Luke Visconti In the wake of the Rutgers basketball fiasco—in which former Coach Mike Rice used homophobic slurs to castigate players—a huge problem remains: Sports are …

Why Are Gay College Athletes In the Closet?

Why Are Gay College Athletes in the Closet?

Only 2–5 percent of LGBT college athletes are out. In light of the Rutgers scandal, we asked experts why the NCAA isn’t doing more to create inclusive coaches and teams.

Ask the White Guy, Luke Visconti, DiversityInc CEO

The NFL Got It Right

Question: DI asks, "How Will the NCAA Address the Lack of Black Coaches?" The Oakland Raiders' Al Davis, decades ago, already had the correct answer. "Just win, baby." Care to comment?