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Quebec shooter Alexandre Bissonnette

Right Wing Quick to Misidentify Quebec Shooter as Muslim Man

White House cited massacre as a reason for immigrant ban, but has been silent since gunman was identified as white nationalist with pro-Trump views.

Glendon Scott Crawford, N.Y. Klansman Gets 30 Years in Prison for Plot vs Muslims, Obama

N.Y. Klansman Gets 30 Years in Prison for Plot vs Muslims, Obama

The klansman and self-proclaimed white supremacist planned to use a "death ray" to kill Muslims and the president.

U.S. Judge Rejects NYC Police Settlement over Muslim Surveillance

U.S. Judge Rejects NYC Police Settlement over Muslim Surveillance

A proposed civilian representative monitoring Muslim surveillance is not enough to protect "potential violations of the constitutional rights for Muslims."

First Muslim Federal Judge Abid Riaz Qureshi

Obama Nominates First Muslim Federal Judge

Abid Riaz Qureshi would be the first Muslim federal judge if appointed.

Trump Scolded by Father of U.S. Muslim Soldier Killed in Action

Trump Scolded by Father of U.S. Muslim Soldier Killed in Action

Khizr Khan challenged Trump to read the Constitution and blasted him for having “sacrificed nothing and no one.”

trump, orlando, shutterstock

Trump Exploits Orlando Tragedy

The presumptive Republican nominee equates all Muslims to Islamic terrorists, suggests Obama is complicit, claims Orlando shooter was not U.S.-born.

Omar Mateen

Orlando Massacre Motivated by Long-Simmering Hate

Despite attempts by some to politicize tragedy and tie incident to religious-based terrorism, it appears suspect may simply have been a deranged, hate-filled individual.

Donald Trump, trump, close up, ban

Trump to Allow ‘Exceptions’ to Ban on Muslims

Trump backpedaled his comments Wednesday, calling his ban "just a suggestion" and saying it was never a call to action.


Muslim Feminists Fight Islamophobia, Defy Stereotypes

Muslim women in America are standing up to the fast spread of discrimination in different ways all around the country.

Olympic History: First Hijab-Wearing U.S. Olympic Athlete to Compete

Ibtihaj Muhammad will be America's first Muslim woman to compete in the 2016 Olympics for international fencing.

Miss Puerto Rico Fires Off Anti-Muslim Rant

"If we are all the same then Muslims need to take off their napkins off of their heads I feel offended by it."

Ahmed Mohamed

Muslim Student Suspended, Arrested for Building Clock

Teachers and police assumed 14-year-old’s science project was a bomb; his family insists the assumption was based on the boy’s name being Mohamed and date being close to Sept.11.

Supreme Court Rules: Abercrombie & Fitch Discriminated Against Muslim Applicant Who Wore Headscarf

Abercrombie & Fitch is in the news for discrimination again as the Supreme Court found the company discriminated against a Muslim female job applicant because of her appearance.

Abercrombie & Fitch is again found to have violated anti-discrimination laws.

Abercrombie Discriminated Against Female Muslim Employee, Says Judge

Federal court ruling sets up liability trial and possibility for big damages … again.

June Legal Roundup: Another Misstep for Abercrombie

What did the company do now? Refuse to hire a job applicant because she wore a hijab.

Sec. Hillary Clinton Defends Huma Abedin

Secretary Clinton, Senator McCain Condemn Anti-Muslim Attack on Abedin

Five GOP congressmen sent a letter attacking State Department Deputy Chief of Staff Huma Abedin, falsely claiming that the Muslim American had ties to extremists. How do biased accusations harm workplace productivity?

Lowe's Storefront

Lowe’s Muslim Publicity Gaffe Serves as Case Study of What Not to Do

Lowe’s publicity nightmare continues after being the only major advertiser to pull its advertising from TLC’s “All-American Muslim” reality show.

Ambassador Akbar Ahmed and Dr. Kenneth Pollack

Muslims & Stereotypes: Do They Really Hate Us?

Why is Islamophobia so prevalent in the United States? Islamic experts answer probing questions from DiversityInc CEO Luke Visconti and explain how much misguided information reaches the general public.

Why Multiculturalism Fails and What It Means to Corporate America

Do people have a right to their own values when working for a company—or immigrating to a country?

ATWG Answers: Is Juan Williams a Bigot?

A DiversityInc reader asks the White Guy if NPR's former news analyst's remark about Muslims makes him a bigot or if he was just being honest. Read the White Guy's answer here.

Supervisor Slammed for ‘Terrorist’ Slur to Muslim Employee

Find out how the EEOC settled this race, national-origin and religious-discrimination case, and read how the courts ruled in other workplace-related lawsuits.