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Sammy Sosa's new lighter appearance raises deeper questions about skin color.

Sammy Sosa’s Changing Looks are Skin Deep

Sammy Sosa's pinkish skin tone raises deeper questions.

Red Sox Fan Banned from Fenway Park for Racist Taunt

Red Sox Fan Banned from Fenway Park for Racist Taunt

“I’m here to send a message loud and clear that the treatment of others that you’ve been reading about here lately is unacceptable,” said Red Sox team president Sam Kennedy.

Dan Jennings

New MLB Hire Shows Just How Much of a Joke Diversity Is to Baseball

The Miami Marlins baseball team made an early season change, but instead of abiding by the ‘Selig Rule’ to interview diverse applicants, they hired their general manager.

Diversity in pro sports in the U.S.

The Measure of Diversity That Only One U.S. Pro Sport Meets

Two diversity measurements help reveal which sports leagues are truly the most diverse in the United States.

In 153 major league sports teams, there is only ONE Black majority owner.

Major League White: How Pro Sports Aren’t What They Seem

There are more than 150 major league professional sports franchises in the United States, and while the players they employ are diverse, the lack of diversity in team ownership is downright shocking. Would you believe that there is only ONE Black majority owner among the six biggest leagues?

Why Are There So Few Blacks in Major League Baseball?

A newly released report shows a large decline in Black athletes within MLB. Read here to find out how the league’s Diversity Task Force plans on turning these numbers around.

SLIDESHOW: Sports Cards of Trouble

A visual look at the trouble spots in professional sports when it comes to dealing with the issues of diversity and inclusion.