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RETRIBUTION: Missouri Republicans to Decrease Mizzou’s Budget As Punishment for Peaceful Protests

"It's going to be felt by students by way of higher fees and reduced educational opportunities."

Tim Wolfe

Former Mizzou Pres.: I was ‘attached unfairly to racism’

In a leaked email, Tim Wolfe seems to shift the blame for the events that transpired at the university on everyone except himself.

Missouri Bill Proposed Revoking Scholarships from Student Athletes who Protest

Bill was in response to the protests at Mizzou, which were boosted when joined by school’s football team. Republican Rep. who proposed the bill, but was forced to withdraw it, said he believes there is no racial tension on Mizzou’s campus — but admitted he did not speak with any Black students.

More Colleges ‘Commit’ to Diversity Initiatives

Yale, Brown and NYU have stated their goals, but time will tell how they hold up in the long run.

Portraits of Black Professors at Harvard Defaced

Yet another incident of racism on college campuses, which authorities are investigating as a hate crime

Black Alum Named Interim Pres. of Mizzou

“I don’t blame white people who don’t understand. I blame our ugly history.”

Campus Racism Likely to Claim Another University President

Protestors at Ithaca College are now calling for their own president to step down as they seek equality and diversity on their campus.

Tim Wolfe

Mizzou Pres., Chancellor Resign — What Now?

As questions remain regarding the future of the University of Missouri, a look at what brought the university to this point.