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Princeton University

Princeton Suspends Men’s Swim Team Over ‘Misogynistic and Racist’ Messages

The offensive content was found on a team message service, and the suspension marks the third such action against an Ivy League athletic squad since November.

University of Maryland, College Park

Other Frats Behaving Badly: Racist, Misogynist Email Surfaces at UMD

Following the posting of SAE's racist chant, an epithet-laden email allegedly sent by a University of Maryland Kappa Sigma member also has gone viral.

The Bell at Westoning

TripAdvisor Bans Sexual Harassment Warning Because of ‘Feminism’

A woman’s account of sexual harassment breached TripAdvisor’s “political” opinions guideline, and was blocked.

Ask the White Guy, Luke Visconti, DiversityInc CEO

Equal Society or Double Standard?

Question: I've had employees ask, "Why is it OK to have executive incentives or mentor programs in place to help minorities and women, but none for the rest of us?"