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VA Hospitals Fall Short on Patient Satisfaction

Obesity, Poverty Help Explain Higher Diabetes Risk for Blacks

Even though Black adults are more likely to develop diabetes than white adults, the increased risk is largely due to obesity and other risk factors that may be possible to change, a study suggests.

WSJ Staff Criticizes Lack of Diversity in its Newsroom

WSJ Staff Criticizes Lack of Diversity in its Newsroom

The letter brings attention to a national problem in newsrooms, which across the board are largely controlled by white males.

GOP Lacks Black Delegates

Black Delegates at GOP Convention at Lowest Level in History

Only 18 out of 2,472 delegates in Cleveland are Black, the lowest percentage in over a century.


Education Disparities for Minorities, Report Finds

Students of color and with disabilities are more likely to be suspended and/or physically restrained than white or able-bodied students, according to Education Department findings.

Women, Minorities Continually Left Behind In STEM Jobs

Despite growth in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) field, gender and racial gaps remain.

CIA Diversity Study Blasts Agency Failures

Very little progress made in decades and minorities not making it to senior levels.