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TD Bank's Andrea Hough on Millennials: The Kids Are Alright

TD’s Andrea Hough on Millennials: The Kids Are Alright

Hough, VP of Talent Acquisition at TD, shares her thoughts on millennials and why this generation should be seen in a different light.

Net neutrality repeal gives Democrats fresh way to reach millennials

Net Neutrality Repeal Gives Democrats Fresh Way to Reach Millennials

Attitudes toward “net neutrality,” or rules that prevent internet providers from limiting customers’ access to certain websites or slowing download speeds for specific content, are largely split along party lines in Congress.

LGBT Students to Remain Unprotected by Betsy DeVos

Trump Administration Sued by 18 States Over Student Loan Relief

The Education Department suspended rules that would have swiftly canceled the student-loan debt of people defrauded by for-profit schools.

Southern Baptists Condemn ‘Alt-Right White Supremacy’

Southern Baptists Condemn ‘Alt-Right White Supremacy’

The resolution was initially shot down, causing an uproar among younger evangelicals.

Tim Ryan: 'PwC Stands for Inclusion, Acceptance, Equal Opportunity for All'

PwC Survey: Millennials Mature with Their Finances

"Millennials are no longer the start-up generation; they’re settling down, buying homes, and having children," said Kent E. Allison, leader of PwC’s Employee Financial Education and Wellness practice.

Nielsen: The Next Digital Grocery Frontier

A Look At Nielsen’s Millennial Media Advisors Report

The company sat down with some of the Nielsen associates who created the report to discuss key insights.

TD Study: Millennial Parents Still Like to Tap the Bank of Mom & Dad

TD Study: Millennial Parents Still Like to Tap the Bank of Mom & Dad

Millennials face a set of financial challenges different from previous generations — most notably, sizable student loans and stagnant wages.

Country Headed on 'Wrong Track' with Trump: Poll

Country Headed on ‘Wrong Track’ with Trump: Poll

Millennials also cite feelings of disgust and fear following Trump’s victory on Election Day.

Revolutionary College Tuition Plan Unveiled in New York by Gov. Andrew Cuomo

Free College Tuition for Households With Less Than $125k Household Income

New York's Gov. Andrew Cuomo picks up Bernie's promise.

Negative Tone of White House Race Sours Young Voters

Negative Tone of White House Race Sours Young Voters

The millennial generation's dismal view of the presidential race may discourage young voters from voting in future elections as well, analysts say.

Millennials, Manufacturers Mesh on Manufacturing Day at Toyota Bodine Aluminum

Millennials, Manufacturers Mesh on Manufacturing Day at Toyota Bodine Aluminum

More than 2,300 manufacturers joined Toyota Bodine Aluminum by opening their doors to educate students on careers in manufacturing.

LeBron James Endorses Hillary Clinton: Will Other Millennials Follow His Lead?

James, who is said to be living the "quintessential Millennial Dream," brings focus to a critical swing state — Ohio.


Millennials Balance Hopeful Aspirations, Harsh Economic Realities

EY and EIG Release National Study Examining Millennials and the Economy

Race, Gender Pay Gaps Significant for Millennials

New report shows a large gender pay gap, racial differences, student loan debt and uneasiness about retirement for millennials.

TD Bank: Millennials Are Now the Largest Generation in the Housing Market

TD Bank home buyer survey finds that 63 percent of millennials are considering a home purchase in the next two years.

Rock the Vote

Rock the Vote Drives Young Voters to Polls

Some young voters remain undecided or have pledged not to vote, making them an important target for voting activist groups.

House Dems’ Gun Common Sense Sit-In Incorporates Social Media Strategies of Millennials

A form of protest coined in the Civil Rights Movement is aided by techniques of modern-day protests.

Hispanics Say No to Trump

Despite his "victory" among Hispanics in Nevada, national data tell a different story.

Millennial Latinos Largest Group of Eligible Voters

The key to the next presidential election may be motivating and earning this group's support.

Time Warner Cable’s Alan Lui: Managing Change, Motivating People

As his company prepares (again) for an acquisition, Time Warner Cable’s head of HR relies heavily on the employee-resource groups to build engagement and continuity.

Charleston, S.C.: A Millennial’s Perspective on Racism in Her City

"When you try to explain it the response is often, ‘Whoa, there buddy! I’m not a racist!’ When the ugly truth is that they are — just a well-meaning one."

Asheesh Saksena: Strategically Making an Impact

Asheesh Saksena is strategically preparing Cox Communications for new growth opportunities while meeting the needs of a diverse consumer base and amplifying diverse voices within the company, including Millennials.

Support Increases for LGBT Rights, Including Those Religiously Affiliated

The pious mainstream supports LGBT rights, does not like "religious freedom” laws.

Millennials Put Low Value on High Salary

New studies are showing that what millennials want in a job comes as a surprise to some employers.