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'Black Panther' Stars on Importance of African Culture in Marvel Film

‘Black Panther’ Stars on Importance of African Culture in Marvel Film

"Something like Marvel has a way of really affecting popular culture, and to have that popular culture informed with things that are of African origin and people knowing they are of African origin ... is powerful," said Lupita Nyong'o.

Vice Media Co-founders Apologize for ‘Boy’s Club’ Environment at Firm

Vice Media Co-founders Apologize for ‘Boy’s Club’ Environment at Firm

More than two dozen women reportedly experienced or witnessed sexual misconduct at Vice.

Suppressing Free Speech is ‘how dictators get started’: Sen. McCain

Suppressing Free Speech is ‘how dictators get started’: Sen. McCain

"When you look at history, the first thing that dictators do is shut down the press," Sen. McCain said.

Trump Announces ‘New Deal’ for Blacks on a Celebrity Gossip Website

Trump Announces ‘New Deal’ for Blacks on a Celebrity Gossip Website

President-elect’s plan shares space with recent headline: “Janet Jackson’s Crackhead Ex-Husband Was on Growing Up Hip Hop Last Night … Spilling Tea About Their Secret Baby!”

HBOAccess Writing Fellowship

HBO Shows How Not to Launch a Diversity Program

Questionable rules and technical difficulties at the launch of fellowship program to promote diversity provoke a social media backlash.

Mostly White Media

The Media’s Lack of Diversity and Why It Matters to You

Almost all-white newsrooms are a self-perpetuating cycle of harm, resulting in a distrust of media institutions and the reinforcement of negative stereotypes.

Dori J. Maynard

Dori J. Maynard Dies at 56

One of the leading advocates for diversity in the newsroom was carrying on a family legacy.

Why Can’t This N.M. Newspaper Stop Running Racist Cartoons?

For the third time in the last four years, the Roswell Daily Record is under fire for publishing cartoons demeaning to the city’s majority-Latino population.

Is That Kerry Washington on Cover of InStyle?

Fans of Kerry Washington have taken to social media to question whether her complexion was lightened for the March 2015 cover of 'InStyle' magazine.

My Husband's Not Gay

TLC Under Pressure to Cancel My Husband’s Not Gay

Critics say the show—about Mormon men attracted to men but married to women—sends the wrong message to LGBT youth.

Stuart Scott

ESPN Anchor Stuart Scott’s Legacy

Sportscaster Stuart Scott, who died of cancer on Sunday, brought a Black voice to mainstream sports media.

CNN Criticized for Allowing ‘Hands Up’ on the Air

Some viewers believe that the cable news network needs to remain impartial, while others applaud the commentators’ stand.

Bill Cosby wants Black media to be neutral; he's not getting any special treatment

Black Media to Bill Cosby: You’re Getting No Preferential Treatment

A leading association of Black journalists rejects Bill Cosby’s plea for neutrality from Black reporters. We have details here.

Do Underrepresented Groups Trust the Media?

New studies indicate that Blacks and Latinos distrust the media and find that they don’t tell their communities’ stories truthfully.

Geraldo Rivera Women Bring Youth to Marriage

Geraldo Rivera’s Sexist Rant

What did the veteran commentator say is the primary thing women bring to a marriage? Find out here.

Stephen A. Smith

ESPN Panelist: Women Should Not ‘Provoke’ Domestic Violence

What exactly did Stephen A. Smith say? How did he initially defend himself on Twitter? And why did he ultimately tape an apology that aired on Monday?

Bob Beckel, FOX News Channel

3 Calif. Politicians Call for FOX Host’s Resignation Over Racist Comments

Bob Beckel makes disparaging comments about Asians for the second time on FOX News Channel. Find out what he said here.

MSNBC is apologizing for its insensitive, ignorant Cinco de Mayo on-camera celebrations.

MSNBC Apologies for Ignorant Cinco de Mayo Celebrations

A sombrero-clad, tequila-guzzling reporter apologizes for his over-the-top insensitivity. See the video here.

Ask the White Guy: Mourning Diversity

What is driving the resistance to “diversity” among middle-aged, midlevel majority executives?

Julie Boonstra Affordable Care Act Ad Koch Brothers

‘Unaffordable’ Obamacare Plan Could Save Woman More Than $7,600

What prompted Michigan leukemia patient Julie Boonstra to speak out against the Affordable Care Act in an ad paid for by the Koch brothers’ Americans for Prosperity, when she's actually going to save thousands of dollars?

Vogue Italy Blackface

Vogue Publishes Blackface Spread

Fashion magazine Vogue has decided to publish a spread featuring a model in Blackface in one of its international editions, and it’s not the first time. Even more shocking are the number of Americans who think Blackface is OK.

Michael Wilbon, ESPN

ESPN Host Uses N-Word On the Air

ESPN host Michael Wilbon reinforces his disagreement with the NFL’s considering a penalty for using the N-word on the field by saying it during a network special. We have the video here.

Steve Harper and Leanna Karlson

New York DJs Suspended for Anti-Gay Party-Invitation Hoax

Why did the morning-show hosts say that they created this fictitious party and response?

Dale Hansen Michael Sam Commentary

MUST SEE: Sportscaster’s Response to Gay NFL Prospect Goes Viral

Dallas TV sportscaster dismisses hate-filled responses to NFL prospect Michael Sam’s revelation that he’s gay with a commentary that goes viral. Watch it here.