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Kim Davis, the Kentucky county clerk who refused to issue same-sex marriage licenses, addresses the media in 2015.

Kentucky Found Liable for Legal Fees Over Same-Sex Marriage Suit

Kentucky must pay the legal fees of lawyers who represented couples denied marriage licenses in 2015 by a county clerk in the state, a federal judge ruled on Friday.

Stonewall Inn

Stonewall Inn Becomes First National Monument to Honor Gay Rights

This weekend’s pride parades paid tribute to victims of violence and celebrated marriage equality.

EEOC, LGBT, gay, LGBT rights

EEOC Files First-Ever Sexual Orientation Discrimination Lawsuits

"With the filing of these two suits, EEOC is continuing to solidify its commitment to ensuring that individuals are not discriminated against in workplaces because of their sexual orientation."

You Can Still Be Fired For Being Gay In Most States

Marriage equality is just one of many battles the LGBT community has to face – including workplace discrimination.

Support Increases for LGBT Rights, Including Those Religiously Affiliated

The pious mainstream supports LGBT rights, does not like "religious freedom” laws.

Laverne Cox

32 Worst States for Transgender Equality

Despite increasing awareness and visibility of transgender people, a majority of states scored poorly on transgender equality, which has implications for future labor recruitment.

Witherspoon Presbyterian Church

Growing Religious Majority Supporting Same-Gender Marriage

A mainline Christian church’s turnaround on same-gender marriage shows how diverse religious Americans are on the subject.

As Same-Gender Marriages Begin in NJ, Governor Withdraws Appeal

Supreme Court to Decide on Same-Gender Marriage

The Supreme Court will hear cases upholding bans on same-gender marriage, and could make same-gender marriage legal nationwide.

Marriage Equality Amicus Brief

Four Top 50 Companies Sign Amicus Brief Supporting Marriage Equality

Cummins, Marriott, Target and WellPoint very publicly make their position known on same-gender marriage.

New Idealogy of the Young Republican

The New Ideology of the Young Republican

Ideological policy runs much of what goes on in Washington these days. But the Republican Party is seeing a change in the ideological values of its youngest members, especially on one hot-button social issue.

Ben Carson Gay Marriage

Activist: Gay People ‘Don’t Get Extra Rights’… Like Marriage

Conservative activist Ben Carson says the LGBT community is entitled to the same rights as everyone else, but marriage is an “extra right” that crosses the line.

Kansas Anti-LGBT Bill

Kansas Bill Would Allow Businesses to Discriminate Against Same-Gender Couples

Backers say the bill is about protecting religious freedom, even though “domestic partnership” and “civil union” are mentioned in the wording.

Department of Justice to Extend Marital Rights to Legally Married Same-Gender Couples

Department of Justice Extends Marital Rights to Legally Married Same-Gender Couples

Same-gender spouses will be allowed to invoke marital privilege to avoid testifying in a court case, among other rights.

Eli Lilly Same-Gender Marriage

Eli Lilly, WellPoint Take Strong Stand Against Indiana’s Same-Gender Marriage Ban

The companies noted that passage of the bill would put their companies at a serious disadvantage in attracting and retaining top talent.

Grammys Feature Same-Gender Weddings

Grammys Feature Same-Gender Weddings

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis celebrate their hit “Same Love” by asking 33 couples, many of them LGBT, to marry.

Susanne Atanus

Candidate: Autism, Dementia, Disasters Are Punishment for Gay Marriage

Illinois Congressional candidate says God is getting revenge on humans because of same-gender marriage and abortions. What else does she believe?

New Va. AG Won’t Defend Same-Gender Marriage Ban

Same-Gender Marriage Closer in Va. After New AG Stops Defending Ban

Virginia, once home to an anti-LGBT activist attorney general, would become the 18th state to begin issuing marriage licenses to same-gender couples.

As Same-Gender Marriages Begin in NJ, Governor Withdraws Appeal

As Same-Gender Marriages Begin in NJ, Governor Withdraws Appeal

Strongly worded opinion by State Supreme Court leads Chris Christie to abandon appeal, making New Jersey the 14th state in the U.S. to allow same-gender marriage.

Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Same-Gender Marriage

Two separate opinions open door for California couples to marry and all legal same-gender marriages to be recognized by the federal government.

Will DOMA be ruled Unconstitutional?

‘Separate But Equal?’ Same-Gender Marriage Parallels Racist Jim Crow Laws

SCOTUS is weighing overturning the Defense of Marriage Act. Are comparisons to racism and civil-rights laws helping?

Same-Gender Marriage Equality: DiversityInc

Red for Equality: What Are the 10 Most Powerful Memes for Same-Gender Marriage?

Americans’ support for same-gender marriage has gone viral. Which images best show your support?

Same-Sex Marriage: Will It Pass? Prop 8 and DOMA Debates Continue

Why the Supreme Court May Not Recognize Same-Gender Marriage

Why is SCOTUS hesitant to allow same-gender couples the right to marry to supersede states’ bans? Here are the factors—and outcomes—that could sway justices’ decisions.

Jim Crow and Gay Marriage Ban: Similar Discrimination?

Black Lawyers to SCOTUS: We’ve Heard These Anti-Marriage Equality Arguments Before

Are same-gender marriage bans recycled Jim Crow-era tactics? Howard University is urging the Supreme Court to overturn Prop 8.

Diversity & Inclusion News: Obama Stands Up for Gay Marriage

Obama to Court: Overturn Prop 8, Gays & Lesbians Deserve Right to Marry

Obama’s friend-of-the-court brief makes him the first president to urge the Supreme Court to expand same-gender marriage rights.