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Latinos Say no to Marco Rubio Over Trump Endorsement

Latinos Say no to Marco Rubio Over Trump Endorsement

Rubio's campaign insists he will "fight for the best interest of Florida's Hispanic community" — but many Latinos are not convinced.

Judge Gonzalo Curiel

Trump Orders Supporters to Keep Attacking Judge

“Take that order and throw it the hell out,” Trump said of a directive for his surrogates to stop discussing the lawsuit with the media.

Donald Trump

Trump’s Record of Hate to Date

Click here for an up-to-date round-up of Donald Trump's hateful rhetoric and insults toward individuals, groups, ethnicities, religions and others during his presidential campaign.

Mich. Gov. Ignores Safety, Poisons Poor Black Residents to Save a Buck

Gov. Rick Snyder ignored scientific reports and pleas from residents to correct toxic water supply.

Marco Rubio’s Quest to Kill Obamacare to Affect Latinos, Blacks

Rubio’s provision has caused some insurers to shut down.

GOP Ignores Benefits of Paid Family Leave

Get back to work: the 'family values' party doesn't seem to like mothers

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Trump Invokes ‘Operation Wetback’ Mass Deportation; Latino Groups Say GOP Is ‘Out of Touch’

During GOP debate Trump touted President Eisenhower's methods to deport undocumented immigrants "way south."

Ben Carson on Meet The Press

Ben Carson’s Anti-Muslim Talk Reflects A Lot of America

Nearly 40 percent of Americans believe Muslims should not be president; GOP Candidates hide behind Constitution and most don’t condemn Carson.

GOP Debate Reaffirms Republican Positions, Lacked Substance on Race Relations

Only one question addressed racial issues; positions on gay marriage, women’s rights and immigration remained traditional and scripture-based.

Business Continues To Flee from Trump, Professional Golf Takes No Real Action

Macy’s becomes latest to part ways,  pro golf issues toothless statements while events still scheduled on Trump courses.

U.S. Reopens Diplomatic Ties With Cuba

Politicians divided along party lines; Cuban exiles divided along generational lines.

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Tackling Anti-Muslim Bias After Boston Marathon Bombing

Could U.S. deny student visas to Muslims?