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Teacher Who Told Black Student Classmates Would ‘Lynch’ Him Is Not Fired Or Suspended

Teacher Who Told Black Student Classmates Would ‘Lynch’ Him Is Not Fired Or Suspended

"I told her, ‘Next time you’re frustrated are you going to call him a n*****?’” said the young boy’s mother.

8-Year-Old Boy Was Hung from Noose After Being Called Racial Slurs Family Says

A photo of the young boy’s injuries went viral, and New Hampshire state authorities are now investigating.

Is the 'Ku Klux Klowns' Lynching Display an Effective Protest?

Is the ‘Ku Klux Klowns’ Lynching Display an Effective Protest?

An art collective created the display in “protest of white nationalist uprising in the United States.”

Racist messages sent to Penn students

University of Oklahoma Student Suspended for Sending Racist Messages, Lynching Threats

Student is suspected of sending messages to more than 150 students at the University of Pennsylvania that included racial slurs and threats of lynchings, with pictures of African Americans being hanged.

Emmett Till Memorial Sign Vandalized With Bullet Holes

Emmett Till Memorial Sign Vandalized With Bullet Holes

"That marker was just evidence that there are people who are still living in those areas who still hold those ideologies dear to their heart."

U.N. Panel: Blacks Reparations

U.N. Panel: Blacks in the U.S. Should Receive Reparations for ‘Racial Terrorism’

The panel states it is “extremely concerned about the human rights situation of African Americans.”

Lynching museum

Thousands of Lynching Victims Honored in First of its Kind Museum

"The smog created by that history of racial inequality continues to compromise our health."

James Craig Anderson, Mississippi, hate crime

Killers in Hate Crime Pay $840,000 to Victim’s Estate

"A toxic mix of alcohol, foolishness and unadulterated hatred caused these young people to resurrect the nightmarish specter of lynchings and lynch mobs from the Mississippi we long to forget."

KKK Costume ‘Kind of Funny,’ Says Mayor’s Husband

Mayor Theresa Sharp’s husband and friends, "four good ol' boys," spend Halloween in Lahoma dressed as Klansmen.

Black Man Found Hanging From Tree in Mississippi

On Thursday, a missing Black man was found hanging from a tree in Claiborne County, Miss. An FBI investigation is under way to determine whether it was a homicide or suicide.

Racial-Terror Lynching More Widespread in South Than Thought

A new report by the Equal Justice Initiative says hundreds more Blacks were victims of terror lynching in the South between 1877 and 1950 than previously reported.

Was Lennon Lacy lynched?

Was This Black Teen Lynched for Relationship With White Woman?

A 17-year-old Black North Carolina teen is dead, and his mom says he was lynched for a relationship with an older white woman. Now, the FBI is getting involved.