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  • Being White Doesnt Mean You’re ‘Normal’

    Being White Doesnt Mean You’re ‘Normal’

    Question: Why do white people considered themselves "unraced" but think everyone else is ... AND ... what can I do as a minority to counteract that without coming off with a "chip on my shoulder"?
  • What’s Your Heritage?

    What’s Your Heritage?

    Question: See now, that's the problem: I always tell people, 'You're not "White"! You're: Irish, Italian, German, Polish, Scottish, Czech, Russian, etc., etc. -- something! So, please don't disrespect your ancestors and your heritage!' So, Mr. Visconti, what are YOU? I'd love to hear wonderful and fascinating things about your heritage. Let's all share!
  • Am I Really White?

    Am I Really White?

    Question: Your surname seems of possible Italian descent as is mine, but I am of Southern Italian extraction. I believe that Theodore Roosevelt once issued an executive order declaring that we Southern Italians are actually black as part of a miscegenation ruling. Are we really white?
  • Are School Vouchers the Solution?

    Are School Vouchers the Solution?

    Question: Hello, what do you think of school vouchers? And, the discrepancy between inner-city schools and suburban schools with funding?