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Ask the White Guy

Ask the White Guy: Can a White Man Speak With Authority on Diversity?

Are white men irrelevant to diversity? Here's my response.

Why White Men Must Attend Diversity Training

Diversity training's purpose is to help people develop relationships to people who are not like them. So why should chief executives demand support for diversity training especially from those who may think it doesn't apply to them? The White Guy explains.

Ask the White Guy: What Changed Obama’s Mind About Gay Rights?

The White Guy says that President Obama's recent efforts to promote the civil rights of the LGBT community may have been influenced by the clear and passionate testimonies of Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, about gay and lesbian service members.

By What Measurement Can We Abolish the Diversity Department?

The White Guy explains that corporations will always need diversity departments. Why? To continually encourage innovation and growth.

ATWG: Why Do Diversity-Management Departments Need Budget?

Diversity management is about democratizing the mentoring, cultivation, talent development and support that were once exclusively received by white, heterosexual, Christian men with no ADA-defined disabilities. If you're not clear why diversity departments need a budget, here's a brief primer on exactly what the best diversity departments do.

How to Get Budget for Your Diversity Department

Best Practices to Get Budget for Your Diversity Departments

Your company’s success—and your position—depends on aligning values with actions. DiversityInc CEO Luke Visconti explains how to do it right.

Ask the White Guy: You’re Gay? You’re Fired!

More than 30 states still allow employers to fire someone for being gay or transgender. Here’s how your company can combat LGBT discrimination.

Ask the White Guy on Racism, Bigotry & White Privilege

The White Guy says that while some white people dislike the concept of white privilege, it is possible to use white privilege to open doors for others for the greater good.

Ask the White Guy on ‘Is It Racism or Bigotry?’

The White Guy's response to a question about whether Kanye West was racist when he said former President George W. Bush "doesn't care about Black people" triggered some confused e-mails. Here, Luke Visconti explains the difference between a racist and a bigot, and why Black people can't be racist toward white people.

Ask the White Guy Answers: Was Kanye West Racist?

The White Guy explains why Kanye West's statement "George Bush doesn't care about Black people" can't be racist. Read his explanation here.

Readers Respond: Is Juan Williams a Bigot?

DiversityInc readers responded to a controversial topic: Juan Williams was fired from his job as an NPR news analyst after he made a remark about Muslims. Is he a bigot or was he just being honest? The White Guy responded, and these comments poured in.

ATWG Answers: Is Juan Williams a Bigot?

A DiversityInc reader asks the White Guy if NPR's former news analyst's remark about Muslims makes him a bigot or if he was just being honest. Read the White Guy's answer here.

White Guy Responds to ‘Why Did He Kill Himself?’

A DiversityInc reader asks "what else" was going on in the life of a gay college student who committed suicide after his roommate secretly filmed and broadcast a video of him kissing another man. Read why the White Guy says this question is pointless and offensive.

ATWG: Why I’m Ashamed of Sen. McCain

The history of oppressing Black and LGBT service people has striking parallels. In the latest installment of Ask the White Guy, DiversityInc CEO Luke Visconti explains why the president needs to sign an executive order to repeal "don't ask, don't tell" right now.

ATWG: ‘Isn’t DiversityInc Part of the Problem?’

The White Guy responds to a reader's comment that questions the effectiveness and sincerity of diversity work in corporate America.

Ask the White Guy: Can a Diversity-Management Question Kill Your Career?

The White Guy responds to a reader's inquiry by breaking down how data on retention rates can be analyzed, but he warns about discussing diversity topics in certain professional circles.

Ask the White Guy: Do You Need to Know the Orientation of Your Coworkers?

In response to a comment from a reader regarding diversity "propaganda," the White Guy drives home the point of the importance of diversity training and LGBT-friendly workplaces.

Ask the White Guy: Why Do ‘Differences’ Matter?

The White Guy tells how to create a truly inclusive company to attract an engaged, productive and innovative talent pool.

Ask the White Guy: Is It OK to Alter Your Standards to Conform to Another Culture?

The White Guy responds to a reader's comment regarding the imminent repeal of "don't ask, don't tell" and what consequences could result when cultures conflict where our troops are stationed abroad.

Ask the White Guy: ‘Illegal’ Is a Dehumanizing Term

In response to a recent Politico article, "Dems' Tough New Immigration Pitch," DiversityInc CEO Luke Visconti explains how dangerous it is to pander to haters and how a market downturn spurs social change.

Ask the White Guy: The Business Case for Work/Life Benefits

Is it all a bunch of nonsense? How work/life benefits grow the bottom line.

Ask the White Guy: Is the Term ‘Illegal Immigrant’ Offensive?

In response to our article "Arizona Gov. Signs Controversial Immigration Bill Into Law," DiversityInc CEO Luke Visconti explains why the term "illegal immigrant" should offend any loyal American and how allowing law enforcement to stop Latinos to verify their immigration status is racial profiling.

Ask the White Guy: Recruiting Latinos, Part II

In response to a comment on the article "Ask the White Guy: How Do We Recruit Latino College Grads?", DiversityInc CEO Luke Visconti shows how sincere commitment to the Latino community and a genuine understanding of culture can lead to rewarding networking experiences and successful business relationships.

Ask the White Guy: How Do We Recruit Latino College Grads?

In this edition, DiversityInc CEO Luke Visconti responds to one reader's concerns about Latino employee recruitment. See how his reaction emphasizes the importance of analyzing the diversity values of colleges and universities.