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Law Firm Representing Kim Davis Deemed Hate Group

“A group that regularly portrays gay people as perverse, diseased pedophiles putting Western civilization at risk are way, way over the line,” said Mark Potok, a senior official from the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Waylon Smithers

Closeted Gay Man To Come Out To His Boss

Waylon Smithers, personal assistant to a billionaire nuclear power plant owner, has withheld his feelings for decades.

Eric Fanning, Army Secretary nominee

Obama Names First Openly Gay Civilian To Lead Army

Eric Fanning’s nomination furthers Obama’s policy of adding diversity to top government posts; to critics, Fanning’s military career overshadowed by his sexual orientation.

CLUELESS — Jenner to DeGeneres: ‘I’m a Traditionalist’

In a mind-boggling interview, Caitlyn Jenner competes with Trump for the ability to win the prize for compound insults.

Accenture’s Ernie Cordova: Safeguarding the Future

The head of security for Accenture’s Federal Services

White House Appoints First Transgender Staff Member

Raffi Freedman-Gurspan on Tuesday became the first openly transgender person to work for the White House.

Hollywood Projects Stunning Lack of Diversity

Study shows that white, hetero males dominate and women hardly speak.

You Can Still Be Fired For Being Gay In Most States

Marriage equality is just one of many battles the LGBT community has to face – including workplace discrimination.

Supreme Court Rules Gay Marriage Is Legal Nationwide

States must treat gay couples the same as heterosexuals.

Stonewall Inn

Stonewall Inn: 5 Things About the First LGBT Landmark in NYC

The site’s significance helped propel the modern LGBT movement.

Mayor Greg Ballard

Indianapolis’ Inclusive Republican Mayor to Be Grand Marshal of Pride Parade

Unlike the tepid welcome to the LGBT community by Gov. Pence, Indianapolis Mayor Ballard embraces his role as the first sitting mayor to lead the city’s Pride March.

Laverne Cox

32 Worst States for Transgender Equality

Despite increasing awareness and visibility of transgender people, a majority of states scored poorly on transgender equality, which has implications for future labor recruitment.

Millennials Put Low Value on High Salary

New studies are showing that what millennials want in a job comes as a surprise to some employers.

Indiana Senate President Pro Tem David Long

Indiana Legislators Refuse to Consider LGBT Discrimination

Indiana’s lawmakers declined to visit the issue of LGBT protections over the summer for consideration in its next legislative session.

Josh Duggar Pic

Duggar Sex Abuse Scandal and the Hypocrisy of the Anti-LGBT Right

The reality show clan continued to paint LGBT people as sexual predators even after Josh Duggar, as a teen, molested five minors, including his sisters.

Boy Scouts’ President Says Gay Ban Not Sustainable; Girl Scouts Supporting Transgender Members

This week, the Girl Scouts of America and the Boy Scouts of America both announced positive steps towards LGBT equality in their respective organizations.

Yet Another Public Anti-LGBT Figure Caught on Grindr

Once again, an anti-LGBT figure has been found using the popular gay hook-up app.

John Diehl

Anti-LGBT Missouri Lawmaker Resigns in Disgrace Over Texting Scandal

State Rep. John Diehl couldn’t ride out the controversy over his hypocritical sexual relationship with an intern versus his “family values” persona.

Empty Church Pews

Millennials Pushing the Sharp Rise of the Religiously Unaffiliated

Millennials are the least likely generation to be affiliated with an organized religion, according to a new survey, correlating with their progressiveness on social issues such as LGBT rights.

FDA’s Updated Blood Donation Ban Still Discriminatory

While the updated policy on eligible donors is a step in the right direction, work remains to be done.

Conservatives Push Gay Bashing vs. Corporate America

The 2016 presidential campaign has transformed into a battle between evangelicals and liberals.

Bullied child

Study: Bullying of Gay Kids Starts Early and Often

The research shows gay, lesbian or bisexual youths are bullied more than other children even long before they identify their sexuality.

3 Key Practices to Increase Retention Rates of Diverse Employees

Michele G. Green, Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer at Prudential Financial, offers best practices for increasing the retention rates of employees from underrepresented groups.

LGBT Inclusion in the Workplace: EY to Host Free Webcast Panel Discussion from London

During a live webcast, a panel of executives will discuss the findings of a multi-company think tank convened by EY to explore leading practices on LGBT inclusion in the corporate sector.