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CEO, Chairman Personally Liable Retaliation Case

March Legal Roundup: CEO, Chairman Personally Liable in Retaliation Case

What led a court to rule that a wrongly fired employee can collect damages from either the company or from the company’s CEO and its Chairman?

Conversion Therapy Fraud

Conversion Therapy Is Fraud: N.J. Judge

In a first-of-its-kind ruling, a New Jersey Superior Court judge says that providers of conversion therapy who advertise that homosexuality can be cured are committing consumer fraud.

Honeywell corporate cholesterol wellness screenings

Companies Can Fine You for High Cholesterol, Smoking

A federal court is allowing companies to charge you more for your healthcare if you can’t pass or won’t take a wellness screening. We’ve got all the details here.

Texas Voter ID

Courts: Texas, Wisconsin Voter-ID Laws Are Racist

States that rushed to enact restrictive, racist voting-rights laws after the Supreme Court’s controversial decision last term are being reined in by a new round of rulings.

October legal roundup

October Legal Roundup: Is Employee With Down Syndrome Entitled to Blanket Protection?

How did a court rule on whether an employer is required to accommodate the profane outbursts of an employee with a disability?

Rachel Brothers Not Black Enough

Woman Fired Because She Is ‘Not Black Enough’

What was said and done to Rachel Brothers, who is biracial, that convinced an arbitrator to award damages in her discrimination complaint?

Marriage Equality Amicus Brief

Four Top 50 Companies Sign Amicus Brief Supporting Marriage Equality

Cummins, Marriott, Target and WellPoint very publicly make their position known on same-gender marriage.

Newspaper editor Bob Eschliman was fired after writing a scathing anti-LGBT column.

Homophobic Editor Sues for Discrimination

After being fired from his job when he attacked the “Gaystapo” in an anti-LGBT column, an Iowa newspaper editor is now claiming he’s the one being discriminated against.

Legal Roundup: Can a Straight Man Be Fired for Being Too ‘Sensitive,’ ‘Feminine’?

July Legal Roundup: Can a Straight Man Be Fired for Being Too ‘Sensitive,’ ‘Feminine’?

The man’s supervisor at a fitness center wanted him to be “sexually loose, promiscuous and predatory.” He sued for sex discrimination under Title VII.

Bag of Potato Chips

June Legal Roundup: Fired for Eating a Bag of Potato Chips?

An 18-year employee’s known diabetic condition was not enough to prevent her employer from accusing her of theft.

Study finds underrepresented and minority students are suspended at a higher rate than straight whites with no disabilities

Are Students Being Suspended Because of Their Race, Ethnicity or Disability?

According to a newly released study, underrepresented and disabled students are suspended at ‘disproportionate rates,’ compared to white students.

Can You Be Fired for an Interracial Relationship?

March Legal Roundup: Can You Be Fired for an Interracial Relationship?

A worker was harassed and ultimately fired because of an interracial relationship. What did the courts say about the employer's responsibility?

February Legal Roundup

February Legal Roundup: Is ‘Something Is Wrong’ Enough Notice of a Disability?

How explicit do you have to be for your employer to know that you have an ADA-defined disability?

Nicole Maines

Transgender Teen Gets Historic Court Victory

The ruling from a state Supreme Court has school administrators nationwide reviewing their policies. What did the courts say?

A roundup of legal cases involving discrimination lawsuits.

January Legal Roundup: Can a Religious Object Be a ‘Dangerous Weapon’?

What is a kirpan, and why was a Sikh IRS agent fired for wearing one to work?

Supreme Court’s Dangerous Mix-Up of Diversity and Affirmative Action

Supreme Court’s Dangerous Mix-Up of Diversity and Affirmative Action

Are affirmative action and diversity the same? The Supreme Court wrongly thinks so in the Michigan university-admissions case.

Legal Roundup: Must you act American?

December Legal Roundup: Must You Act ‘American’?

Did a court allow an immigrant employee's discrimination case? What was the legal answer when faced with a real-life case of the "living dead"?

Housing discrimination still runs high.

Housing Discrimination More Subtle, But Still Absurdly High

Federal laws force sellers and agents to be more subtle in their racism, but what more can be done to stop the practice altogether?

SLIDESHOW: U.S. Celebrates Gay-Rights Rulings

Supporters and advocates of gay rights and equality lifted their arms, flags and voices in celebration after Wednesday’s Supreme Court rulings on DOMA and Prop 8. From coast to coast, DiversityInc takes you on a tour of smiles all around.

Adoptive Couple v. Baby Girl: Why It’s NOT About American Indian Rights

The Supreme Court ruling this week angered supporters of the Indian Child Welfare Act, but should it have?

Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Same-Gender Marriage

Two separate opinions open door for California couples to marry and all legal same-gender marriages to be recognized by the federal government.

SLIDESHOW: U.S.’s LGBT Community—Revealing Trends & Attitudes

A look at statistics from the latest surveys of the LGBT community released by the Pew Research Center.

Supreme Court Strikes Part of Voting Rights Act

Supreme Court issues split ruling; Congress left to rewrite one section of the law.

Supreme Court Redefines Workplace Discrimination

Pair of rulings narrow definitions, set stricter rules for discrimination lawsuits.