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Only Black People are Racist, Civil Rights Made Them Lazy, Says Big Trump Donor

Only Black People are Racist, Civil Rights Made Them Lazy, Says Big Trump Donor

A former employee has filed a lawsuit against Robert Mercer, who said the Civil Rights Act of 1964 “infantilized” Blacks by dissuading them from working.

Democrats Sue Trump for Alleged Voter Intimidation in Four States

Trump supporters have made public implications that they will engage in voter intimidation after Trump told them to watch "certain areas."

NJ Transit

NJ Transit Settles $3.65 Million Discrimination Suit

Complaints include supervisors using racial slurs, with one putting a noose around a worker’s neck.

Tracy Morgan

Walmart Steps Up for Comedian Tracy Morgan in Settlement

The multinational corporation does right by the comic in taking responsibility for the truck crash that injured Tracy Morgan and killed Morgan’s friend.

Attorney Stephen Jones

Fraternity Ousted Over Racist Chant Lawyers Up

The booted Sigma Alpha Epsilon chapter considers legal action against the University of Oklahoma and the school’s president.

Discrimination lawsuit: Abercrombie & Fitch CEO tells flight crew what underwear to wear

What Kind of CEO Worries About What Underwear and Cologne You Wear While the Stock Declines by Half?

Abercrombie & Fitch's CEO is in the public eye for questionable expenditures and outrageous personal demands. And all this while his company’s stock keeps falling.

$1.15-Billion Black-Farmers Lawsuit Is Case Study in Diversity-Management Mistakes

A famous discrimination lawyer shows how lack of diversity management led to the hefty discrimination-lawsuit settlement from the Department of Agriculture.