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Survey: Black, Latino Parents Believe College Vital for Success

But has an increase in Latinos and Blacks earning college degrees decreased the racial wealth gap?

State Senator Stands Up for High Schoolers Racially Harassed at Texas A&M

A Dallas senator said Texas A&M students should face severe consequences.

Millennial Latinos Largest Group of Eligible Voters

The key to the next presidential election may be motivating and earning this group's support.

Marco Rubio’s Quest to Kill Obamacare to Affect Latinos, Blacks

Rubio’s provision has caused some insurers to shut down.

Trump: ‘Absolutely’ Create Database of American Muslims

Donald Trump plans to infringe upon the Constitutional rights of Muslims.

'Dump Trump' Movement Fails To Sway NBC

‘Dump Trump’ Movement Fails To Sway NBC

Trump says protests against him guest hosting “Saturday Night Live” will result in higher ratings.

Yale Fraternity Party: ‘White Girls Only’

Ivy League frat boy to women at door: "No, we're only looking for white girls."

Cop’s Racist Tirade Against Latinos Stirs Community

Video surfaces of a Passaic, N.J., sergeant, once head of the bias crimes unit, revealing he is racist.

Report: Whites No Longer Majority, Asians Largest Immigrant Group

A new Pew Center report predicts how immigration will drive population growth over the next 50 years.

NYC Plans More School Segregation

New York schools are already extremely segregated; white gentrifier parents don’t want their kids going to predominantly minority schools.

Kasich’s Advice on Latinos: ‘Leave a Little Tip’

Laughably insensitive comment brings Trump to mind.

Latinos Rally Against Trump

Rally Chants Sum It Up — Latino Protesters: ‘Shame On You,’ Trump Supporters: ‘Keep Them Out’

Trump’s Dallas arena event audience gives Trump a standing ovation for his anti-immigration views.

Jeb Bush defends "anchor babies"

Jeb Bush Insults Asians To Relieve Backlash from Latinos

Bush said his "anchor babies" comments were "frankly … related to Asian people," not Hispanics.

Trump Immigration Stance Sets GOP Tone

More candidates are taking his extreme positions, including ending birthright citizenship.

Hollywood Projects Stunning Lack of Diversity

Study shows that white, hetero males dominate and women hardly speak.

Paula Deen and ‘Brownface’ Photo Sparks Racial Controversy

Paula Deen is under fire for a photo of her son, Bobby, in “brownface.” The controversy is reminiscent of two years ago when Deen admitted to using racial slurs.

Business Continues To Flee from Trump, Professional Golf Takes No Real Action

Macy’s becomes latest to part ways,  pro golf issues toothless statements while events still scheduled on Trump courses.

CIA Diversity Study Blasts Agency Failures

Very little progress made in decades and minorities not making it to senior levels.

Hispanic Groups Show Unity, Strength in Response to Trump

215,000 sign petition prompting NBC to join Univision in saying "buh-bye.”

You Can Still Be Fired For Being Gay In Most States

Marriage equality is just one of many battles the LGBT community has to face – including workplace discrimination.

Will Bilingualism Decrease in Latino Households in the U.S.?

A new Pew report takes a look at the increase in English proficiency of U.S.-born Latinos along with the decrease in speaking Spanish at home.

Asian American employees

Asian Americans Scarce Among Silicon Valley Executives

A new report shows that while Asian Americans are well represented among the work force of five large tech firms, they remain underrepresented in leadership roles.

Dan Jennings

New MLB Hire Shows Just How Much of a Joke Diversity Is to Baseball

The Miami Marlins baseball team made an early season change, but instead of abiding by the ‘Selig Rule’ to interview diverse applicants, they hired their general manager.