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Fight over U.S. spending bill rekindles immigration debate

Fight over U.S. Spending Bill Rekindles Immigration Debate

Republicans are seeking hundreds of millions of dollars more for the Department of Homeland Security to expand the number of beds for immigrant detainees and to hire more federal agents to patrol U.S. borders and the country's interior.

U.S. court upholds most of Texas law to punish 'sanctuary cities'

U.S. Court Upholds Most of Texas Law to Punish ‘Sanctuary Cities’

The law, known as Senate Bill 4, calls for jail for police chiefs, sheriffs and possibly frontline officers who fail to cooperate over immigration.

Asylum seekers sue U.S. government over prolonged detention

Asylum Seekers Sue U.S. Government over Prolonged Detention

The practice of releasing asylum seekers is "still in place on paper" but "is effectively a dead letter" in practice, ACLU attorney Michael Tan said in an interview.

Crimes committed in Mexico in name of security, actor tells U.N

Crimes Committed in Mexico in Name of Security, Actor Tells U.N

The international community cannot allow the situation to continue in the country where "freedom of expression is being limited and journalists and human rights defenders continue to be killed," Gael Garcia Bernal said.

Tijuana residents laugh at border wall prototypes, call Trump 'loco'

Tijuana Residents Laugh at Border Wall Prototypes, Call Trump ‘Loco’

Several locals on Monday called Trump "loco" for thinking that spending billions of dollars on barriers would stop people determined to escape poverty and violence in Mexico and Central America.

James Bradley, Truck Driver Formally Indicted for 10 Immigrant Deaths in Texas

Second Man Pleads Guilty in Texas Death of 10 Immigrants in Truck

Pedro Silva Segura, 47, faces up to life in prison after pleading guilty before a federal magistrate judge in San Antonio to one count of conspiracy to transport undocumented aliens resulting in death.

Trump criticizes Oakland mayor as 'disgrace' over immigrant warning

Trump Criticizes Oakland Mayor as ‘Disgrace’ over Immigrant Warning

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf made a televised statement telling residents she had heard from multiple sources of pending ICE action in the San Francisco Bay area.

U.S. judge rejects lawsuit seeking to stop Trump border wall

U.S. Judge Rejects Lawsuit Seeking to Stop Trump Border Wall

U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel, the same judge Trump attacked during his presidential campaign, ruled in favor of the president's administration regarding a border wall.

Supreme Court Justice Temporarily Preserves Trump Refugee Ban

Lawsuit Says Race Motivated Trump to End Immigrant Protections

"The animus directed towards Latino and Black immigrants is a clear and unfortunate thread running throughout President Trump's statements — and is actualized by his Administration’s policies, such as the ones challenged by this lawsuit," the complaint said.

New Trump Immigration Efforts Aim to Stop Child Border Crossers

Trump Administration Sued over Detention of Immigrant Children

According to the lawsuit, a boy was taken from his home and detained for months based on false reports that he was involved with gang activity.

Senate Rejects Immigration Bills, Leaves Dreamers in Limbo

Senate Rejects Immigration Bills, Leaves Dreamers in Limbo

In a blow to Trump, 14 senators from his own party opposed the president's bill.

NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman To Sue Over GOP Health Bill

Statement From A.G. Schneiderman On Federal Court Ruling Granting Preliminary Injunction In DACA Case

A.G. Schneiderman leads coalition of 17 AGs that sued to protect Dreamers.

Second U.S. Judge Blocks Trump Administration from Ending DACA Program

Second U.S. Judge Blocks Trump Administration from Ending DACA Program

U.S. District Judge Nicholas Garaufis in Brooklyn ruled that DACA cannot end in March as the Trump administration had planned.

‘Dreamer’ Immigration Bill Not on U.S. Senate Agenda This Month

Exclusive: Trump Administration May Target Immigrants Who Use Food Aid, Other Benefits

The draft rules are a sharp departure from current guidelines, which have been in place for nearly two decades.

Here’s What The $495 DACA Application Fee Is Worth in States with The Most Dreamers

Here’s What The $495 DACA Application Fee Is Worth in States with The Most Dreamers

The majority of recipients aren’t “lazy” but cannot possibly earn a livable wage.

Immigrants 'Too Lazy To Get Off Their Asses' Says Chief of Staff Kelly

Immigrants ‘Too Lazy To Get Off Their Asses’ Says Chief of Staff Kelly

What really keeps eligible Dreamers from applying for DACA? A $495 application fee and fear.

Congress grapples with immigration, averting funding fight

Congress Grapples with Immigration, Averting Funding Fight

Legislation to help young "Dreamer" immigrants struggled to gain footing in Congress on Monday.

Judge Aims to Quickly Decide Lawsuits over DACA

No Progress on ‘Dreamers’ as Another Government Shutdown Looms

Analysts say the rift between the Democrats and Republicans has become "a very absurd game of chicken."

Dreamer Facing Deportation Not Entitled to Court-Appointed Lawyer

Dreamer Facing Deportation Not Entitled to Court-Appointed Lawyer

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a deportation order against a Honduran boy who fled gang violence with his mother and who appeared in immigration court without a lawyer.

U.S. judge in immigrants case blasts Trump's 'vicious' comments

U.S. Judge in Immigrants Case Blasts Trump’s ‘Vicious’ Comments

"In this country, in over 230 years, this is not ordinary," Judge Garaufis said. "It's extreme. It's recurring. It's vicious."

Anti-Immigration Policies Will be Detrimental to U.S. Economy and Workforce

Anti-Immigration Policies Will be Detrimental to U.S. Economy and Workforce

Economists say deporting undocumented immigrants and restricting immigration will remove billions of dollars from economy and cripple labor market.

As Immigration Debate Rages, 'Dreamers' Await Their Fate

As Immigration Debate Rages, ‘Dreamers’ Await Their Fate

"I knew DACA was going to be rescinded, or at least I thought it was, the day he won the election," said Javier Hernandez Kistte, who arrived to the U.S. when he was just 8 years old.

Racist immigration policies

Will Republicans Trash the Economy on the Altar of Bigotry?

With labor growth at zero, does it make sense to deport Dreamers or El Salvadorans? Who are they? What do they contribute?