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Rosa Maria Hernandez

U.S. Border Agents Detain Mexican Girl Being Rushed to Hospital

A 10-year-old Mexican girl with cerebral palsy living undocumented in Texas was in federal custody on Thursday after the ambulance rushing her to surgery had to pass through a U.S. Border Patrol checkpoint.

Discrimination Against Latinos in United States Has Risen, Study Says

Discrimination Against Latinos in U.S. Has Risen, Study Says

Correlation between discrimination and anti-immigrant policies "chilling" following President-elect Donald Trump's hard-line immigration proposals.

Richest Americans Live Seven to 10 Years Longer than Poorest

Richest Americans Live Seven to 10 Years Longer than Poorest

The study also found that Blacks are over four times more likely to live in the poorest regions than the richest.

Trump Won More Latino Votes than Romney in 2012

Trump Won More Latino Votes than Romney in 2012

Unexpectedly, Latino voters in Florida, a critical state to win the election, favored Trump in a greater margin than in other states.

Supreme Court to Hear Case of Juror's Racial Bias

U.S. Supreme Court to Hear Case of Juror’s Racial Bias

"When racial prejudice infects a jury's decision whether to convict, the integrity of the criminal justice system is brought into direct question."

How to Drive out the Crucial Latino Vote

How to Drive out the Crucial Latino Vote

Latinos are the fastest growing group of eligible voters. NALEO Educational Fund is helping this group take action in the upcoming election.

Donald Trump

Trump Viciously Attacks ‘Trump University’ Judge with Racial Rant

Calls U.S.-born judge “Mexican” and a “hater" and Trump spokesperson says judge is “connected" to "criminal rallies."

Donald Trump

Trump Invokes ‘Operation Wetback’ Mass Deportation; Latino Groups Say GOP Is ‘Out of Touch’

During GOP debate Trump touted President Eisenhower's methods to deport undocumented immigrants "way south."

University Apologizes for President’s Offensive Costume Party

The University of Louisville issued an apology following university President James Ramsey's offensive Hispanic Halloween costumes.

Kentucky Prosecutor: Being Hispanic ‘Probable Cause’ to be Pulled Over

Driving while Hispanic is a good enough reason to be pulled over, according to the prosecutor.

Latinos Rally Against Trump

Rally Chants Sum It Up — Latino Protesters: ‘Shame On You,’ Trump Supporters: ‘Keep Them Out’

Trump’s Dallas arena event audience gives Trump a standing ovation for his anti-immigration views.

Accenture’s Ernie Cordova: Safeguarding the Future

The head of security for Accenture’s Federal Services

Trump Immigration Stance Sets GOP Tone

More candidates are taking his extreme positions, including ending birthright citizenship.

Facebook, Google Show No Progress

Eight out of 10 senior leaders at Facebook and Google are men; seven out of 10 are white.

Mark Halperin: Racism Now Extended to Political Interviews

Thinkprogress appropriately credited Mark Halperin with conducting “the most racist interview of a 2016 candidate.”

Ask the White Guy, Luke Visconti, DiversityInc CEO

‘Hispanic’ Is Not a Racial Category

Question: First of all, the term "white" is subjective. You are obviously of Italian heritage and I really consider Italians to be "Latinos" or Hispanic except they don't speak Spanish. Who coins the ethnic lexicon of terms for the vast ethnicity description that eventually finds its way into our American lexicon description on race and ethnicity?