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  • Facebook, Google Show No Progress

    Facebook, Google Show No Progress

    06/30/2015 11:06 am Eight out of 10 senior leaders at Facebook and Google are men; seven out of 10 are white.
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    Mark Halperin: Racism Now Extended to Political Interviews

    05/12/2015 8:32 am Thinkprogress appropriately credited Mark Halperin with conducting “the most racist interview of a 2016 candidate.”
  • ‘Hispanic’ Is Not a Racial Category

    ‘Hispanic’ Is Not a Racial Category

    12/07/2006 12:00 am Question: First of all, the term "white" is subjective. You are obviously of Italian heritage and I really consider Italians to be "Latinos" or Hispanic except they don't speak Spanish. Who coins the ethnic lexicon of terms for the vast ethnicity description that eventually finds its way into our American lexicon description on race and ethnicity?