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Obesity at record-high levels among Blacks and Latinos

Why Are So Many Blacks & Latinos Fat? Research From Manufacturers Hides the Truth

Manufacturers cleverly hide products’ dangers behind corporate-responsibility campaigns.

Kelvin Womack, Deloitte

Deloitte’s Kelvin Womack: Connecting D&I and Healthcare

The Affordable Care Act impacts how Deloitte’s Federal Health sector acquires, develops and retains talent.

Patient Engagement: Does Diversity Play a Role?

Patient Engagement: How Hospitals Use Diversity For New Reimbursement Rules

How are hospitals utilizing their diversity resources to boost patient engagement? Here are some best practices.

Health News: Segregated Blacks More Likely to Die of Lung Cancer

Study finds Blacks living in segregated neighborhoods have higher lung cancer mortality rate than those in diverse communities.

How to Create a Mental-Health-Friendly Workplace

What's the cost of poor mental health to your business? Which multicultural groups are affected most?

David Epstein, Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation, on Diversity and Engagement

Novartis’ David Epstein: A Diverse Team Can ‘Accomplish Feats Nobody Thought Possible’

Having had great success through cultural transformation, this executive is now taking on a bigger challenge as Division Head of Novartis Pharmaceuticals.

HCA Logo

HCA Healthcare Under Fire for Charity Care as Part of $162 Million Lawsuit

HCA Healthcare, the nation’s largest for-profit hospital system, faces court scrutiny of its charity care.

AIDS Is A Deeply Personal As Well As Societal Concern For Young Americans of Color

Survey finds Black and Latino youth “very concerned” about impact of HIV on themselves and others their age; Black youth most likely to be offered and to get a test for HIV.

Equity in healthcare is a major contributor in breast-cancer prognoses of Black women

Black Women Have 41% Higher Risk of Dying of Breast Cancer

Black women are dying of breast cancer at a much more aggressive rate than white women. What can be done about it?

John Lechleiter, CEO, Eli Lilly and Company

Eli Lilly CEO John Lechleiter: ‘Engage People Like Never Before’

CEO John Lechleiter, Eli Lilly and Company, discusses how diversity impacts employee engagement, innovation and business goals.

CEO Thomas Zenty, University Hospitals, discusses diversity leadership

Interview With University Hospitals CEO Tom Zenty: Diversity Leader, Innovator, Community Citizen

University Hospitals CEO Thomas F. Zenty III discusses the dramatic impact of the Affordable Care Act and how his hospital’s diversity efforts in the workplace and the community are helping it survive.

Dr. Drew Hertz, University Hospitals

Improving Healthcare for 68,000 Black & Latino Children

A $12.8-million grant is helping University Hospitals reduce racial disparities and offer 24/7 access to healthcare.

Disparities in Healthcare

What Disease Hits Black Men Most?

A new study by the Kaiser Family Foundation documents which illnesses and health factors are affecting Black men more than other groups.

Managers’ Racist Bullying Ends in Hospital Paying $1M Lawsuit

A court rules in favor of 70 Filipino caregivers who were ruthlessly harassed for not “speaking English.” Watch the video.

Who Benefits From the Affordable Care Act?

Hospitals, Insurance Companies, Pharmas: Who Benefits From the Affordable Care Act?

Healthcare reform is forcing many organizations to rethink their business strategy—but those committed to diversity management have a marketplace advantage.

Deloitte Announces Tax Equalization Benefits for Domestic Partners

Organization reinforces commitment to inclusive culture; will adjust salaries to cover taxes on healthcare benefits for all registered domestic partners

Eliminating Healthcare Disparities: How Kaiser Permanente & Trinity Health Close Racial Gaps

These companies are working to bring meaningful and effective care to at-risk populations that face barriers in income, language or culture.

CVS/pharmacy’s “Project Health” Will Deliver More Than $21 Million Worth of Preventive Health Screening Events Across the U.S. in 2012

Wellness program aims to help African American and Hispanic consumers on their path to better health with more than 1,000 free health screening events

Tour for Diversity in Medicine, Aetna Foundation Launch Bus Tour to Attract Minority Students to Medicine

Doctors, dentists to visit five historically black colleges to advise, mentor future health care providers

Kaiser Permanente COO Bernard Tyson

Diversity & Inclusion Puts Kaiser Permanente on Top With Employees, Customers

What diversity and inclusion strategies helped this company rise to the DiversityInc Top 50?

Delivering Culturally Competent Healthcare (VIDEO)

WellPoint's Chief Diversity Officer Linda Jimenez tells how healthcare can resonate with all patients, from the language used in marketing materials to the photos displayed on hospital walls.

Can Culturally Competent Healthcare Close Disparities Gaps?

Can white doctors provide quality care to communities in which the racial/ethnic demographics are shifting dramatically? One DiversityInc reader addresses this question in her passionate response to our article, "Is There a Black, Latino Doctor in the House?" about Rutgers University's ODASIS program. See what she had to say about cultural competency and diversity in healthcare.

Ask the White Guy, Luke Visconti, DiversityInc CEO

Ask the White Guy: The Value of Healthcare Reform

What are the financial consequences of healthcare reform? DiversityInc's CEO refutes a reader's claims.

Ask the White Guy, Luke Visconti, DiversityInc CEO

Ask the White Guy: The Business Case for Diversity in Healthcare

Question: Have you found it difficult to communicate the business case for diversity in non-traditional industries like healthcare where the customer's choice is directed by an insurance agency versus his/her preference? And, does it make sense to look at the business case from a cost-savings perspective versus profit?