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VIDEO: CEO of Kaiser Permanente Says 'The Future is Up To Us'

CEO of Kaiser Permanente: The Future is Up To Us

Bernard J. Tyson shares his thoughts on the future of healthcare.

Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards: 'We aren't going anywhere'

Planned Parenthood CEO: ‘We aren’t going anywhere’

"We've been around for 100 years and we aren't going anywhere," CEO Cecile Richards said in an interview.

Kaiser's Bernard Tyson

Kaiser Permanente’s CEO: The Right to Health

"Suddenly the country is preparing to re-engage in a debate about health and health care and its role in our collective experience as Americans," Bernard J. Tyson writes.

CVS Health Poll: How Health Consumers Weigh Cost and Quality

CVS Health Poll: How Health Consumers Weigh Cost, Quality

CVS Health conducted a public opinion poll to understand how the cost-quality-access dilemma affects how consumers make decisions about health care.

Abbott to Sell Abbott Medical Optics to Johnson & Johnson for $4.325 Billion

Abbott to Sell Abbott Medical Optics to Johnson & Johnson for $4.325 Billion

Abbott continues to shape its portfolio for long-term growth.

Kaiser Permanente

At Kaiser Permanente Every Voice Counts

The first in a series of short videos, Kaiser Permanente Chairman and CEO Bernard J. Tyson shares with employees his perspectives on various topics.

Stroke Middle-aged African Americans More Likely Than Whites to Die

Middle-aged African Americans More Likely Than Whites to Die of Stroke

A recent study reveals several possible reasons as to why Blacks are significantly more likely to die of a stroke than whites.

Abbott Unveils Alinity, its Unified Family of Innovative Next-Generation Diagnostics Systems

Abbott Unveils Alinity, its Unified Family of Innovative Next-Generation Diagnostics Systems

Alinity will help institutions, clinicians and laboratorians better navigate through a pressure-packed health care environment.

Marco Rubio’s Quest to Kill Obamacare to Affect Latinos, Blacks

Rubio’s provision has caused some insurers to shut down.

Racism in the ER: Black Kids Get Shortchanged

A new study shows huge differences in how people are treated.

Trans Day of Action in NYC 2012

What Repeal of Medicaid Exclusion Means for Transgender New Yorkers

New York has updated its language on healthcare, signaling progress in transgender rights at the state level.

Michael Carvin says Obamacare was written for women and minorities

Obamacare Written by ‘Women and Minorities,’ Says Opposing Lawyer

In a Wall Street Journal profile, the attorney leading the anti-Obamacare effort makes sarcastic comments about ACA’s source.

Obamacare is finding success, even in red states.

Obamacare Even Works in Red States … If You Let It

Two of the states with the greatest success in implementing Obamacare are a pair of largely anti-Obamacare states. But one used a neat trick to make it work.

Larry Merlo, CVS Caremark

CVS Saying ‘No’ to Tobacco Celebrated at State of the Union

CVS Health President and CEO Larry J. Merlo will be seated with First Lady Michelle Obama during Tuesday’s State of the Union Address.

Mae Brooks, Dr. Deborah Ashton

Cultural and Religious Consideration to Competent Healthcare

At Novant Health, a guide and videos were developed to assist professionals in providing quality healthcare that is sensitive to each patient’s values.

Honeywell corporate cholesterol wellness screenings

Companies Can Fine You for High Cholesterol, Smoking

A federal court is allowing companies to charge you more for your healthcare if you can’t pass or won’t take a wellness screening. We’ve got all the details here.

VIDEO: Hospital Supplier Diversity—Strategic Plans Build Value and Engage Communities

For hospitals, finding diverse suppliers can be a challenge. Mary Beth Levine, Vice President, System Resource Management, University Hospitals, shared best practices on reaching MBEs and WBEs at DiversityInc’s event.

VIDEO: Increasing the Pipeline of Black and Latino Physicians—A Success Story

To have culturally competent care, the United States needs more Black and Latino doctors. A unique program at Rutgers University is reaching underprivileged youth and helping them succeed in medical careers, said Dr. Kamal Khan, Director, Office of Diversity & Academic Success in the Sciences (ODASIS) at DiversityInc’s event.

VIDEO: Culturally Competent Care—Women

What role can health literacy and cultural competence training play in providing equitable health care for women, especially low-income women? Sheri Humphrey, Global Franchise Leader, Women’s Health, Merck & Co. offered solutions at DiversityInc’s event.

VIDEO: Taking Medicine Personally—Addressing Emerging Patient Needs

Successful medical solutions are personalized, says Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation President, Christi Shaw. In a keynote speech, she told DiversityInc’s audience how the drug company is using its knowledge of diverse populations—and its emphasis on an inclusive and innovative workplace—to create the most effective medicines.

VIDEO: Best Practices From the Healthcare Sector for Hiring and Supporting Veterans

Leaders from CVS Health, ADP and North Shore-LJ Health System share best practices on recruiting, preparing and supporting veterans during the transition from the military culture to an office setting.

VIDEO: Innovations in Healthcare Delivery

CVS Health’s courageous decision to stop selling cigarettes – and all tobacco products – was years in the making. It was a critical part of the company’s mission to provide healthcare solutions, especially to those who most need culturally competent care. The company’s evolution as a health-care leader was explained by Dr. Nancy Gagliano, Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, Minute Clinic at DiversityInc’s event.

VIDEO: Culturally Competent Care—LGBT

What best practices and training enable health-care professionals to understand the needs of LGBT patients, especially transgender patients? Experts from Beth Israel Medical Center/Mount Sinai Health System and the Center for American Progress shared solutions at DiversityInc’s event.

VIDEO: Culturally Competent Care—Race/Ethnicity

Communicating with patients in a culturally competent manner is the key to improving mortality rates for ALL people, said Dr. Winston F. Wong, Medical Director, Community Benefit and Director, Disparities Improvement and Quality Initiatives, Kaiser Permanente, at DiversityInc’s event.