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Do Black Children Feel Less Pain Than White Children?

Do Black Children Feel Less Pain Than White Children?

New research suggests that race plays a role in how kids perceive the pain felt by others. Does this allow white kids to think it’s OK to bully and hurt Blacks?

Exercise Can Fight Dementia

Study: Exercise Can Fight Dementia

Researchers reveal five behaviors that together can decrease symptoms of dementia or cognitive decline by 60 percent. Exercise is one—what are the others?

Women are at a far greater risk of developing Alzheimer's than men.

Women at Far Greater Risk of Alzheimer’s

A new study finds that after a certain age, women are at a much greater risk of Alzheimer’s than men. The new numbers are stunning, placing Alzheimer’s ahead of another deadly disease.

Julie Boonstra Affordable Care Act Ad Koch Brothers

‘Unaffordable’ Obamacare Plan Could Save Woman More Than $7,600

What prompted Michigan leukemia patient Julie Boonstra to speak out against the Affordable Care Act in an ad paid for by the Koch brothers’ Americans for Prosperity, when she's actually going to save thousands of dollars?

Black Women Breast Cancer

Despite Advanced Treatments, More Black Women Still Die of Breast Cancer

Dangers and mortality rates for Black women suffering from breast cancer are on the increase, according to a new study, and advanced technology is partly to blame. Why is this happening and what can be done to help Black women live longer, healthier lives?

CVS to Stop Selling Tobacco Products

CVS to Stop Selling Tobacco Products

CVS says sale of such products is “inconsistent with our purpose” as company evolves from retailer into healthcare company.

Dr. Ronald Copeland, Kaiser Permanente

Heeding Dr. King’s Words

Kaiser Permanente Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer Dr. Ronald Copeland shares how Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. inspired him to champion healthcare injustices.

Study: Racial Gaps Exist in Car-Seat Usage

Study: Racial Gaps Exist in Car-Seat Usage

Researchers say income, education and sources of information don’t explain racial gaps in the use of proper car seats. So what does?

Latina women are at greater risk of heart disease, a problem complicated by body image.

Body Image Puts Latina Women at Risk

Studies find Latinas are at a higher risk of a very serious condition, but put themselves in greater danger by how they view their bodies. This comes as a pop star brings more attention to another key risk factor Latinas face.


Is Spanish Affordable Care Act Website Worse Than Healthcare.gov?

Millions of uninsured Latinos have been denied the opportunity to enroll for health insurance because of problems with CiudadoDeSalud.gov.

Study finds that when combined with certain factors, racism makes Black men age faster.

Does Racism Make Black Men Age Faster?

New research study’s results find one key factor in a surprising subset of participants. What is it and what is the effect on Black men?

Researcher looks at the success of the Affordable Care Act in states based on their acceptance of its benefits.

‘Go’ States Thrive Under Affordable Care Act, ‘No’ States Don’t

Researchers use a single chart to demonstrate how the states that have blocked benefits of the Affordable Care Act are hurting their residents. See it here.

Where do Black women have the best chances of survivng breast cancer? And what about these states stands out?

Where Do Black Women Have the Best Chances of Surviving Breast Cancer?

Racial gaps in breast cancer mortality rates vary wildly by state. Which states have the largest gaps? Which states have the smallest? And what do these states have in common?

Study finds burgers increase obesity risk in Black women more than other unhealthy foods.

What One Food Is Most Dangerous For Black Women?

Study that looked at several meals commonly linked with obesity found that one particular food stands out. Which is it?

A new study links hypertension, or high blood pressure, with childhood household in Black men.

Study: High Blood Pressure in Black Men Linked to Childhood Household

Does growing up in a single-parent household put Black Americans at higher risk for long-term health problems? A new research study found a surprising link.

2013 Top 10 Hospital Systems

Hospital Websites That Demonstrate Culturally Competent Care

What are must-haves for a hospital system seeking to communicate its diversity commitment on its external website?

Walmart Foundation Gives $2.5 Million to Share Our Strength to Increase the Availability of Nutrition Education Programs for Families

Walmart Foundation Gives $2.5 Million to Share Our Strength to Increase the Availability of Nutrition Education Programs for Families

Grant provides more than 100,000 Americans with access to Cooking Matters program, offering hands-on cooking classes, interactive grocery store tours and high-quality nutrition education nationwide.

Website glitches are keeping Americans who need insurance from enrolling on the Affordable Care Act website.

Affordable Care Act Enrollment Slowed by Website ‘Glitches’

Technology and unexpectedly high website traffic combine to frustrate those looking to enter the health-insurance marketplace.

FOX News contributor Ben Carson said the Affordable Care Act is like slavery.

‘It Is Slavery’: FOX News Contributor on Affordable Care Act

On the job for just a matter of days, FOX News’ newest contributor takes conservative condemnation of the healthcare law to a new level.

Dr. Gary Butts, Mount Sinai Health System

Video: New Mount Sinai Health System Remains Committed to Diversity

The merger of Mount Sinai Medical Center and Continuum Health Partners has created a healthcare system that will need to increase its focus on diversity.

Dr. Jeanne Varrone, Boehringer Ingelheim

Video: How the Landscape Has Changed for Women in Medicine

Dr. Jeanne Varrone, Vice President for Clinical Research at Boehringer Ingelheim, believes that there has never been a more important time for women to enter and succeed in the medical profession.


Kaiser Permanente Demonstrates Commitment to Early Detection With Guinness World Record in Mammograms

A total of 5,939 possibly lifesaving mammograms were administered at Kaiser Permanente facilities across the country.

Massachusetts' insurance law, similar to the Affordable Care Act, has already closed some racial gaps in healthcare.

How Insurance Access Has Already Closed Racial Gaps

The Affordable Care Act was partly inspired by a smaller-scale law already in place—and this one has worked.

Politics Leaves Millions Uninsured & Ineligible for Affordable Care Act Benefits

Politics Leaves Millions Uninsured & Ineligible for Affordable Care Act Benefits

Adding insult to injury, political posturing not only hurts those that the Affordable Care Act was intended to help the most, but also makes them subject to fines.