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VIDEO: Taking Medicine Personally—Addressing Emerging Patient Needs

Successful medical solutions are personalized, says Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation President, Christi Shaw. In a keynote speech, she told DiversityInc’s audience how the drug company is using its knowledge of diverse populations—and its emphasis on an inclusive and innovative workplace—to create the most effective medicines.

VIDEO: Best Practices From the Healthcare Sector for Hiring and Supporting Veterans

Leaders from CVS Health, ADP and North Shore-LJ Health System share best practices on recruiting, preparing and supporting veterans during the transition from the military culture to an office setting.

VIDEO: Innovations in Healthcare Delivery

CVS Health’s courageous decision to stop selling cigarettes – and all tobacco products – was years in the making. It was a critical part of the company’s mission to provide healthcare solutions, especially to those who most need culturally competent care. The company’s evolution as a health-care leader was explained by Dr. Nancy Gagliano, Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, Minute Clinic at DiversityInc’s event.

VIDEO: Culturally Competent Care—LGBT

What best practices and training enable health-care professionals to understand the needs of LGBT patients, especially transgender patients? Experts from Beth Israel Medical Center/Mount Sinai Health System and the Center for American Progress shared solutions at DiversityInc’s event.

VIDEO: Culturally Competent Care—Race/Ethnicity

Communicating with patients in a culturally competent manner is the key to improving mortality rates for ALL people, said Dr. Winston F. Wong, Medical Director, Community Benefit and Director, Disparities Improvement and Quality Initiatives, Kaiser Permanente, at DiversityInc’s event.

VIDEO: How Resource Groups Can Strengthen Employee, Patient and Customer Engagement

Hospitals, health insurers and pharmaceutical companies increasingly rely on employee resource groups to find diverse talent and connect with the communities they serve. Best practices were highlighted by leaders at Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation, Mayo Clinic and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan at DiversityInc’s event.

VIDEO: Patient Engagement—Diversity as a Driver to Achieve Better Outcomes

Treating patients with respect – and cultural competence – are critical to healthcare success, Dr. James Merlino, Chief Experience Officer, Cleveland Clinic, told DiversityInc’s audience.

CVS Announces a Health-Conscious Rebranding

The pharmacy chain repositions itself as a healthcare retailer by eliminating the sale of tobacco products and providing support to consumers.

DiversityInc CEO Luke VIsconti is recovering from a stroke.

Luke Visconti, CEO: I Had a Stroke

I’m very glad I invested in the people with disabilities community before I became a member of it—having friends you can call on is instrumental in recovery. Here are some things I've learned in the two months since I had a stroke.

In Detroit, the mortality rate for pregnant women is higher than in some third world countries.

Detroit’s Maternal Death Rate Higher Than Third World Countries

In a city where 83 percent of the population is Black, health disparities are only magnified. In Detroit, that means mortality rates higher than countries with limited healthcare.

Dr. Calvin Greene, Regional Fertility Program

Fertility Doctor: We Don’t Want ‘Rainbow Families’

A Calgary fertility doctor says his clinic doesn’t allow women to use of donors of a different ethnicity—but the clinic itself has a different story.

First large-scale health study of the LGBT community.

Study Gives In-Depth Look at LGBT Health

Are members of the LGBT community any more or less healthy than their straight counterparts?

VA Medical Center

VA Audit: 120,000 Vets Waited Three Months or More for Appointment

The Department of Veterans Affairs will spend $300 million to make sure these vets are seen by doctors.

Fact vs. Fiction: is Obamacare Working?

Fact vs. Fiction: Is Obamacare Working?

In the seemingly endless back and forth, both sides are claiming victory (or their opponent’s defeat) when it comes to Obamacare. But with midterm elections riding on it, is the Affordable Care Act actually working?

The U.S. economy would have contracted in the first quarter of 2014 if not for an increase in healthcare spending because of Obamacare.

Obamacare’s Big Save

In a gloomy report, healthcare spending thanks to Obamacare is the bright spot that keeps the U.S. economy from going into the red. Get the details here.

Black Stroke Patients Are More Likely to Be Misdiagnosed

Study: Black Stroke Patients Are More Likely to Be Misdiagnosed

Black Americans already are at a higher risk of having and dying of a stroke than whites. A new study sheds light on an even greater risk: misdiagnosis.

Depression Increases Risk of Asthma in Black Women

Study: Depression Increases Risk of Asthma in Black Women

While studies have shown that asthma can be a contributing factor to depression and anxiety, a new study finds that Black women, specifically, are in danger of the opposite. We have details here.

Dr. Sam Nussbaum, WellPoint

WellPoint Receives Award for Healthcare Education Efforts in the Hispanic Community

National Hispanic Medical Association names WellPoint for Corporate Hispanic Health Leadership Award.

Do Black Children Feel Less Pain Than White Children?

Do Black Children Feel Less Pain Than White Children?

New research suggests that race plays a role in how kids perceive the pain felt by others. Does this allow white kids to think it’s OK to bully and hurt Blacks?

Exercise Can Fight Dementia

Study: Exercise Can Fight Dementia

Researchers reveal five behaviors that together can decrease symptoms of dementia or cognitive decline by 60 percent. Exercise is one—what are the others?

Women are at a far greater risk of developing Alzheimer's than men.

Women at Far Greater Risk of Alzheimer’s

A new study finds that after a certain age, women are at a much greater risk of Alzheimer’s than men. The new numbers are stunning, placing Alzheimer’s ahead of another deadly disease.

Julie Boonstra Affordable Care Act Ad Koch Brothers

‘Unaffordable’ Obamacare Plan Could Save Woman More Than $7,600

What prompted Michigan leukemia patient Julie Boonstra to speak out against the Affordable Care Act in an ad paid for by the Koch brothers’ Americans for Prosperity, when she's actually going to save thousands of dollars?

Black Women Breast Cancer

Despite Advanced Treatments, More Black Women Still Die of Breast Cancer

Dangers and mortality rates for Black women suffering from breast cancer are on the increase, according to a new study, and advanced technology is partly to blame. Why is this happening and what can be done to help Black women live longer, healthier lives?

CVS to Stop Selling Tobacco Products

CVS to Stop Selling Tobacco Products

CVS says sale of such products is “inconsistent with our purpose” as company evolves from retailer into healthcare company.