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No women on Senate healthcare panel

Not One Woman Included in Senate Panel Crafting Healthcare Law

Nearly half of Senators comprising the group represent just 2.6 percent of entire U.S. population and less than 1 percent of Blacks and Latinos.

Congressman Elijah Cummings

Democratic Platform Touts Diversity, Inclusion

Positions are stark contrast to GOP policy. Meanwhile, undocumented immigrants to work and speak at DNC convention.

Voter ID law

Texas Voter ID Law Discriminates, Federal Court Rules

Appeals court agrees the Texas law made it harder for Blacks and Latinos to vote and violates the U.S. Voting Rights Act.

GOP Lacks Black Delegates

Black Delegates at GOP Convention at Lowest Level in History

Only 18 out of 2,472 delegates in Cleveland are Black, the lowest percentage in over a century.

Rep. Steve King

Is Rep. King the Biggest Bigot in Congress?

Last night's comments questioning the contributions of non-white people to the advancement of human civilization may have crowned it.

Anti-Semitic Slurs Flood RNC Live Chat While Gov. Praises GOP-Jewish Relations

Anti-Semitic Slurs Flood RNC Live Chat While Gov. Praises GOP-Jewish Relations

Racist slurs poured in just as a Jewish former governor applauded the GOP for its positive relationship with Israel and the Jewish community.

GOP platform committee

GOP Ignores Internal Pleas for Inclusion 

The party’s platform committee rejected repeated attempts by its own members to soften the GOP’s stance against the gay community — or even acknowledge discrimination — in the official party platform.

pete sessions, orlando

GOP Blocks LGBT Rights Amendment Days After Orlando Shooting

After Republican leaders claimed to “stand in solidarity” with the LGBT community following the tragedy in Orlando, GOP leaders rejected a proposal to protect LGBT people from discrimination.

trump, orlando, shutterstock

Trump Exploits Orlando Tragedy

The presumptive Republican nominee equates all Muslims to Islamic terrorists, suggests Obama is complicit, claims Orlando shooter was not U.S.-born.

Speaker Paul Ryan

GOP Refuses to Deny Guns to Suspected Terrorists, Hate Crime Convicts

Senate Republicans rejected a bill in December that could have prevented Orlando shooter from buying guns. GOP House speaker on Monday quashed any discussion.

Meg Whitman, Whitman, Republican, GOP, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Meg Whitman Compares Trump to Hitler

The CEO and major Republican Party donor also touted the idea of voting Democratic in November.

goldwater, barry goldwater, trump, GOP, republican

Trump Creating ‘Goldwater Effect’

Republican Party leaders grow more concerned that Trump will push Latino voters away from the GOP the same way Barry Goldwater drove Blacks away five decades ago — but they stop short at withdrawing support.

Judge Gonzalo Curiel

Trump Orders Supporters to Keep Attacking Judge

“Take that order and throw it the hell out,” Trump said of a directive for his surrogates to stop discussing the lawsuit with the media.

Trump: ‘It’s possible’ a Muslim Judge Would be Biased

One fellow Republican called Trump's weekend interview "one of the worst mistakes" the candidate has made.


Anti-Trump Movement May Shape Senate

McCain, other Trump endorsers facing backlash

Donald Trump, trump, close up, ban

Don’t Like Diversity? Then You Probably Love Trump

New Pew research shows correlations between anti-diversity and Islamophobia and "warm" feelings toward Trump. Lack of education also a correlation.

Donald Trump

Trump Viciously Attacks ‘Trump University’ Judge with Racial Rant

Calls U.S.-born judge “Mexican” and a “hater" and Trump spokesperson says judge is “connected" to "criminal rallies."

protesters, Albuquerque, trump, rally

Police Brutality Against Trump Protesters

A history of violence in the Albuquerque Police Department emerged once again Tuesday night, when protesters came out to fight Trump's anti-Latino policies.

Donald Trump

Trump’s Record of Hate to Date

Click here for an up-to-date round-up of Donald Trump's hateful rhetoric and insults toward individuals, groups, ethnicities, religions and others during his presidential campaign.

Caleb Bailey, delegates

Trump Delegates Include Racists and Criminals

More disturbing information about the backgrounds of Trump's selected delegates

Donald Trump

Racial Resentment Clearly Motivates Trump Supporters, Study Shows

A report shows Trump supporters view non-whites, gays and others more unfavorably than do white supporters of other GOP candidates.

Darker President Obama Pictures Make White People Feel Threatened

A Stanford University study shows "racially-threatened whites motivated to restore the symbolic status of whites in America." " surprising if you think of the Tea Party as a sort of historical bridge to the Trump candidacy," said a Stanford professor.

Donald Trump, trump, close up, ban

Trump to Allow ‘Exceptions’ to Ban on Muslims

Trump backpedaled his comments Wednesday, calling his ban "just a suggestion" and saying it was never a call to action.

Donald Trump

Trump: Hillary an ‘Enabler’ of Bill’s Infidelity

More misogyny amid climbing unfavorable poll numbers for women — despite his frequent claims of the opposite.