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Companies Boycott Google Over Ads Ran with Hateful Content

Companies Boycott Google Over Ads Alongside Hateful Content

Advertisers are finally saying no to Google’s lack of accountability for its content.

Disney Promptly Drops YouTube Star PewDiePie for Anti-Semitic Content, Nazi Images

Disney Promptly Drops YouTube Star PewDiePie for Anti-Semitic Content, Nazi Images

PewDiePie’s channel has more than 53 million followers and 14 billion video views.

Quarter of U.S. Tech Workers Perceive Discrimination: Survey

Quarter of U.S. Tech Workers Perceive Discrimination: Survey

Fifty-seven percent of tech workers said they did not know what actions their company is taking to address the issue.

Apple's Leaders 'Presently Fail' to Represent Diversity: Shareholders

Apple’s Leaders ‘Presently Fail’ to Represent Diversity: Shareholders

The tech giant has opposed a more diverse hiring strategy for senior management roles and its board of directors.

Why Does Silicon Valley Continue Lacking Diversity?

"They want to do these things, but nobody is making the solid commitments."

Women in tech

Innovative Tactics to Recruit Women in Tech

KeyCorp’s Amy Brady shares five tips to help you recruit the best and the brightest women in technology.

Google Mistakes Blacks for Gorillas

The Google Photos app tagged a young Black man and his friend as gorillas.

Facebook, Google Show No Progress

Eight out of 10 senior leaders at Facebook and Google are men; seven out of 10 are white.

Rev. Jesse Jackson: Corporations Must Reflect the Diversity that Exists in America

Keynote speaker at the 2015 DiversityInc Top 50 Companies for Diversity Announcement Dinner Rev. Jesse Jackson discussed how diversity in the workplace adds value to a company, the legacy of the civil rights movement, and his quest to change Silicon Valley.

CEO Barbie Google Search

CEO Barbie: Perception of Women in Leadership Differs from the Reality

Research shows people think women make fine leaders, but why are women CEOs still so few in number?

Woman in workplace

Subtle Sexism, Mansplaining and Manterruptions No Longer Tolerated

From Microsoft’s CEO to Tucker Carlson, critical mass is building for recognizing subtle forms of sexist behavior.

Google Apologizes, Fixes Anti-Gay Slurs in Translator

Google issues a public apology following backlash for a glitch in its Translator tool, which converted the word “gay” into homophobic slurs when translating from English to French, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

Hollywood lack of diversity, Sony an example.

Sony Pictures Data Theft Reveals Zero Diversity in Top Ranks

Hollywood has been trying to improve its diversity on-screen … but the folks leading things behind the scenes are a different story.

Google Admits Lack of Diversity in Newly Released Report

For the first time, tech giant Google discloses its EEO-1 report, which proves that the company is primarily made up of white male employees.

Make me Asian and Make me Indian Google Apps Offend, Called Racist

Google’s Racist Apps Removed After 8,400+ Sign Petition

Google Play store pulls ‘Make Me Asian,’ ‘Make Me Indian’ off its virtual shelf for telling users to overlay slanted eyes, darken skin on photos then “laugh heartily.”