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Gabby Douglas: Women Athletes Subjected to Bullying, Sexism on Social Media

Gabby Douglas: Women Athletes Subjected to Bullying, Sexism on Social Media

The Olympian faced unwarranted scrutiny by the public, which is a reflection of greater societal issues.

Omar Mateen

Orlando Shooter ‘Not Open About Being Gay’ Said Police Academy Classmate

Former classmates, club patrons say Omar Mateen led a secret life and used a gay dating app.


Report: Trump Campaign Pays Men More Than Women

An analysis finds the pay is not equal, and the staff is not diverse.

Equal Pay Day: Pay Gap Wider for Black, Latina, American Indian Women

According to a report by the American Association of University Women progress has stalled in recent years.

Things NOT to Say to Women at Work

9 Things NOT to Say to Women Coworkers

Before you make that “harmless” little comment to the woman in the next office, take a look at things women leaders tell us are absolute no-no’s in the workplace.

Fair Play: Restrictions Against Transgender Athletes at Olympics to be Lifted

The International Olympic Committee released new guidelines to make Olympics more inclusive.

Stereotype-free Halloween Costumes for Kids

Target and Disney lead the way; Party City clings to the past.

Study: STEM Careers Put Latina, Black, Asian Women in ‘Double Jeopardy’

A recent study explores race and gender bias experienced by Latina, Black and Asian female scientists.

Update on sexual harrassment and other legal cases about discrimination in the courts.

October Legal Roundup: ‘You’re Not That Pretty’

What are the legal ramifications when a female employee is told she is not attractive by a male supervisor?

A legal roundup of discrimination cases going through the courts.

September Legal Roundup: Is Employer Liable for ‘Creepy’ Coworker?

What did the courts say after a town ignored an employee's harassment complaints against a coworker until the victim had already quit her job?

BASF’s Heidi Alderman; Breaking Gender Barriers in Engineering

Heidi Alderman says she seen a significant change in the number of women entering STEM fields, which she says makes the pool of candidates deeper and stronger.

Diversity Legal Cases: Gender Discrimination

Poor Workforce Diversity Practices Result in Gender Discrimination

A food distributor settles for $200,000 after a federal agency concludes that it discriminated against women.

‘I Didn’t Get the Job Because I’m Black’

Diversity and inclusion lacking? How can a company know if the corporate culture has given discrimination claims more of a chance legally?

Condoleezza Rice Joins Augusta National

Augusta National Found Only 2 Qualified Women Out of 3.3 Billion on the Planet?

Adding Condoleezza Rice to its men-only roster does little to reverse the golf club’s history of sex discrimination.

Michelle Lee, Regional VP, Wells Fargo

Talent Development Takes Wells Fargo Leader From Teller to $100M in Revenue

Talent development helped Michelle Lee rise to a regional vice-president position at Wells Fargo. What can your company learn from her extraordinary story?

How ‘Slut’ and ‘Sweetie’ Challenge Gender Equity

Current events and research confirm the need for Women's History awareness and continued efforts for women's rights.

Is Your Talent Program World-Class?

You’ll need a different mindset to compete and win the war for top global talent.

Beth Mooney KeyCorp

What Does It Take for a Woman to Become CEO?

Against the odds, Beth Mooney became the first female CEO of a top 20 U.S. bank and is carrying on the culture of inclusion at KeyCorp.

Global Diversity Report

Why Is Global Diversity So Difficult?

What are the prime challenges facing global businesses today that hinder inclusion efforts? What best practices are being implemented globally, and what can you learn from other companies? See what our exclusive research in 17 countries finds.


Yeah, But Is Your Heart in Your Diversity Work?

In a follow-up to my column “Can a White Man Speak With Authority on Diversity?”, a reader asks a critical question.


Where’s the Diversity in the Venture-Capital Industry?

New research shows only minimal gains in this industry in gender and racial diversity.

The Danger of the Walmart Class-Action Decision

DiversityInc CEO Luke Visconti's column on the Walmart decision.

Things NEVER to Say to Women Executives

Before you make that harmless little comment to the woman in the next office, take a look at things you should never say to a female executive or coworker.