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Black Women Discriminated Against in Every Way, Report

Black Women Discriminated Against in Every Way, Report

“Despite higher labor participation and voting rates, at all educational levels Black women are concentrated in lower paying jobs than most other groups of workers, and have poor outcomes in healthcare, criminal justice and life expectancy.”

The gender wage gap is even worse for Black women.

Study: Gender Wage Gap Even Worse for Black Women

Several studies have shown that women make less than men for doing the same work, but just how much less do Black women make than white men?

Did The New York Times Fire Jill Abramson Over Pay Discrimination? Details Continue to Emerge

While the Times’ publisher has publicly defended his decision and intentions, multiple media outlets continue to uncover mounting evidence. Read the latest recap here.

Study: Gender Wage Gap Extends to New Grads, Regardless of Education Level

The Economic Policy Institute’s study shows that gender wage differences begin right after graduation. How big of a gap do the newest professionals face?