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Accounting Professionals, Developers Pick ADP for Best HR Solution

ADP Acquires WorkMarket to Extend Human Capital Management to Contingent Workers

ADP becomes first human capital management provider with robust freelancer management functionality and reporting insights across all workers.

Abbott Completes Acquisition of St. Jude Medical

Abbott Launches First and Only Smartphone Compatible Insertable Cardiac Monitor in U.S.

Physicians can remotely monitor their patients with Confirm Rx for even the most difficult to detect cardiac arrhythmias, including irregular heartbeats.

Can you monetize diversity and inclsuion efforts?

Monetizing Diversity Efforts: How Inclusion Can Be Quantified

Understanding the cost of bad diversity management.

Kraft Diversity Leader Jim Norman

What Makes Kraft’s Talent Development So Successful?

A discussion with Kraft Foods’ diversity leader reveals the mentoring, resource-group and global mobility strategies that yield top talent-development results.

We Evaluate CEO Commitment on Corporate Websites

We rank three insurance companies on their CEO’s diversity-management messaging as part of an ongoing diversity-metrics series assessing diversity communications.

Can You Prevent a ‘Todd Akin’ Moment at Your Organization?

You have the right to your opinion but not to destroy other people's productivity or conflict with the values of your employer.

Condoleezza Rice Joins Augusta National

Augusta National Found Only 2 Qualified Women Out of 3.3 Billion on the Planet?

Adding Condoleezza Rice to its men-only roster does little to reverse the golf club’s history of sex discrimination.

Who Benefits From the Affordable Care Act?

Hospitals, Insurance Companies, Pharmas: Who Benefits From the Affordable Care Act?

Healthcare reform is forcing many organizations to rethink their business strategy—but those committed to diversity management have a marketplace advantage.

Racial Discrimination: Black Employee Fired After Being Called the N-Word

See how this employee’s firing was justified, and read other cases on racial discrimination, religion, disability and FMLA.

Why Should My Company Care if Our Board Is Diverse?

Why Should My Company Care if Our Board Is Diverse?

New research indicates that corporate board diversity is a key differentiator in global success. Will your company benefit from this marketplace advantage?

Forest City’s Chief Diversity Officer Builds Community Support

Charmaine Brown mentors aspiring Blacks and Latinos in her Cleveland community while building a diversity-management program at Forest City.

What’s the Biggest Global Diversity Challenge? Female Talent Development

Maximize female talent development in every country with these best practices from seven global companies, including Sodexo, Coca-Cola and Procter & Gamble.

Talent Development 101: A Primer on Best Practices in Diversity Management

Here’s a roadmap of three critical talent-development best practices that will help you promote, engage and retain more talented people, especially from underrepresented groups.

Resource Groups 101: A Primer

Resource Groups 101: A Primer on Starting Them & Using Them for Business Goals

What best practices will help you start resource groups and use them to maximize talent development and market share?

Sec. Hillary Clinton Defends Huma Abedin

Secretary Clinton, Senator McCain Condemn Anti-Muslim Attack on Abedin

Five GOP congressmen sent a letter attacking State Department Deputy Chief of Staff Huma Abedin, falsely claiming that the Muslim American had ties to extremists. How do biased accusations harm workplace productivity?

$1.15-Billion Black-Farmers Lawsuit Is Case Study in Diversity-Management Mistakes

A famous discrimination lawyer shows how lack of diversity management led to the hefty discrimination-lawsuit settlement from the Department of Agriculture.

How Diversity Awareness Partnership Is Leading Diversity & Inclusion Efforts in St. Louis

What challenges does the primarily Black-and-white city of St. Louis create for diversity leaders? Read how this Asian-Indian woman is helping companies breakdown racial barriers.

Ask the White Guy Diversity of Thought, Innovation

Ask the White Guy: Can You Measure Diversity of Thought and Innovation?

Tracking these diversity metrics can improve your company’s marketplace performance.

Diversity-Management Fail: Racist Prank Escalates to Lawsuit at UCLA

Dr. Christian Head was told “not to make a stink” about the humiliating stereotype. Here’s how this racial-discrimination lawsuit emphasizes the need for diversity management.

Global Resource Groups Panel at the DiversityInc Top 50 Event

Are Global Resource Groups Worth Your Investment?

Starting global resource groups presents many diversity-management challenges. Experts from four companies share best practices.


Ruling Against Defense of Marriage Act Is Major Diversity Victory

The federal court decision striking down parts of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) is a major civil-rights victory for advocates supporting diversity and inclusion. With President Obama and more leaders of the Black community on board, marriage equality is gaining momentum rapidly.

Rhonda Nesmith Crichlow

Diversity Management: Novartis Diversity Leader Understands Value of Giving Back

As the first person in her family to finish college—as well as law school—Rhonda Crichlow has a strong desire to give back to others who need opportunities.