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Study: Leukemia Is More Deadly for Blacks

But are the cancer-center study’s details more telling than the study’s results?

8 CEOs Whose Inclusive Styles Change Corporate Cultures

CEOs from companies like Kraft, Kellogg, Ernst & Young, and more exemplify how listening skills and compassion at the top of your company drive diversity-management results.

Steve Fry, Eli Lilly

‘My First Time Being the Minority Was Intimidating’

Growing up in a tiny white farming town, Eli Lilly's Steve Fry didn't know much about people who were "different."

Diversity Web Seminar on Work/Life: How Workplace Diversity Benefits From Flexible Work Options

Should workplace diversity include flexible work options? Diversity experts from Deloitte and Eli Lilly reveal in this web seminar how work/life programs can help your company build a more productive and loyal workforce.