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Trump Administration to Weaken Workplace Discrimination Protections

Trump Administration to Weaken Workplace Discrimination Protections

The proposal would hinder the government from enforcing civil rights protections.

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Federal Court Issues Historic Ruling Prohibiting Sexual Orientation Discrimination

Court agrees with Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s position that sexual orientation discrimination is a form of sex discrimination prohibited by Civil Rights of 1964.

President Barack Obama at a town hall meeting.

Obama Administration Rolls out Rules on Paid Sick Leave, pay Data

The ruling, effective Jan. 1, requires federal contractors to provide paid sick leave to employees and will affect more than 1 million workers.

Mansplaining for Soccer Pay Gap

Men from U.S. Soccer Federation offer nothing but excuses for why the Women’s U.S. National Team earns significantly less than men’s, despite women’s being more profitable.

Equality Act

DiversityInc Top 50 Companies Endorse Equality Act

It is still legal to fire someone for being gay in 32 states. The Equality Act would end employee discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

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EEOC Files First-Ever Sexual Orientation Discrimination Lawsuits

"With the filing of these two suits, EEOC is continuing to solidify its commitment to ensuring that individuals are not discriminated against in workplaces because of their sexual orientation."

‘Game-Changer’: Federal Agencies to Increase People with Disabilities in Workforce

A new rule proposed by the EEOC would increase the requirement to 12 percent — a significant increase for the people with disabilities population.

ADA 25 Years Later: Definite Progress But Hiring Gaps Remain

As the Americans With Disabilities Act celebrates its 25th anniversary July 26, significant gaps remain in hiring the 19 percent of Americans with disabilities. New laws aim to improve the efforts of federal contractors and help people with disabilities save more.

Honeywell corporate cholesterol wellness screenings

Companies Can Fine You for High Cholesterol, Smoking

A federal court is allowing companies to charge you more for your healthcare if you can’t pass or won’t take a wellness screening. We’ve got all the details here.

Abercrombie & Fitch is again found to have violated anti-discrimination laws.

Abercrombie Discriminated Against Female Muslim Employee, Says Judge

Federal court ruling sets up liability trial and possibility for big damages … again.

Diversity News: Budget Cuts at EEOC

Would Budget Cuts at EEOC Help or Hurt Your Company?

Be careful what you wish for. If your company thinks cutbacks at the EEOC would mean less likelihood of discrimination lawsuits, think again.

EEOC Reports Nearly 100,000 Job Bias Charges in Fiscal Year 2012

The EEOC announced that it received 99,412 private sector workplace bias charges during fiscal year 2012, down slightly from the previous year.

Is EEOC Allowing Discrimination Against Older Workers, People With Disabilities?

Reverse Discrimination? EEOC Allows Bias in Favor of People With Disabilities, Older Workers

An EEOC discussion letter states that the ADA and ADEA cover only one-way discrimination; they do not cover those without disabilities or the more youthful.

Elouise Cobell, Blackfeet American Indian tribe leader, shakes hands with President Obama

$3.4B Class-Action Lawsuit Ends: 350,000 American Indians to Receive Payout

The 17-year lawsuit’s settlement includes $1,000 checks for American Indian beneficiaries and a scholarship fund.

Is Professor’s ‘Hi, Sweetie’ Comment Sexual Harassment?

Did diversity and inclusion in a corporate culture cause a reaction to this chin-chucking incident? Read this case and more in our legal update.