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Diversity Management 101

Diversity 101: Definition of Diversity-Management Best Practices

Diversity management is essential to your company’s success. This primer provides an in-depth roadmap to build successful diversity initiatives.

TD Bank CEO Bharat Masrani

TD Bank CEO Bharat Masrani; Driving Diverse, High-Performing Teams

Bharat Masrani tells Luke Visconti how diversity management helps TD Bank reach an increasingly diverse footprint, both in and outside the United States.

7 Strategies for Successful Mentoring

SLIDESHOW: 7 Successful Mentoring Strategies

Talent-development leaders from Pfizer, Wells Fargo, AT&T, Target, Ernst & Young, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Baxter International analyzed their mentoring best practices, training and metrics at DiversityInc’s recent event. In this slideshow, we reveal seven most of their most successful strategies for successful mentoring. After viewing these selected tips, subscribers to have full access to all …

Is Diversity Training Effective?

Ask the White Guy: Is Diversity Training Effective? What Would Make It Effective?

Is diversity training effective? The answer isn’t a chicken-or-egg riddle.

What You Shouldn't Say About Diversity to Your CEO

What Not to Say to Your CEO About Diversity

Want your CEO to become your diversity champion? Here are the pitfalls you need to avoid.

How Walmart’s Chief Diversity Officer Gets Talent-Development Results

Global Chief Diversity Officer Sharon Orlopp discusses the best practices and innovative diversity training that’s motivating Walmart’s managers to become personally accountable for diversity progress.

Jeremy Lin & Racism: 3 Ways to Stop Dangerous Stereotypes

Asian basketball star Jeremy Lin has become the subject of jokes and racist comments. What can you do to prevent stereotyping in your organization?

Claude Steele

‘Blacks Should Not Be Satisfied With Food Stamps’: The Danger of Stereotypes

Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum are the latest politicians to perpetuate negative stereotypes about Blacks. Dr. Claude Steele, educator and expert on stereotypes, gives advice on the dangers of these kinds of misstatements, their impact on the workplace and how to handle them.


Why Paychecks Aren’t Enough

Five things you must do now to retain ALL your top talent.

How Does DiversityInc Determine the Top 50?

Can you game the DiversityInc Top 50? CEO Luke Visconti provides inside info on what you can—and can't—do.

Why White Men Must Attend Diversity Training

Diversity training's purpose is to help people develop relationships to people who are not like them. So why should chief executives demand support for diversity training especially from those who may think it doesn't apply to them? The White Guy explains.

White Guy Responds to Transgender Appointment Hate Mail

In this Ask the White Guy update, Luke Visconti responds to one reader's comment on Obama's recent appointment of an openly transgender political appointee. See why he says diversity training is a must for your business to succeed.

Ask the White Guy, Luke Visconti, DiversityInc CEO

Ask the White Guy: ‘I Have Black Friends’ Doesn’t Mean You Aren’t Racist

Question: Why is it whenever white people defend their racism, the first thing they default to is "I'm not a bigot" and the second thing is "I have friends who are black"? I could scream.

Things ‘to’ Say to People With Disabilities

You may know that it's inappropriate to ask your colleague with a disability "How did you get that way?" But how do you communicate with someone who has a disability without causing offense? Here are a few suggestions.

7 Things NEVER to Say to People With Disabilities

Chances are you work with someone who has a disability. Think you'd never say something offensive to them? Check this list to find out what people with disabilities don't want to hear.