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Depression, Obesity, Drug Addiction Not a Disability, Survey Says

More Republicans believe speech disorders, learning disabilities and cancer aren’t disabilities either.

States Still Seek To Restrict Voting Among Minorities 50 Years After Voting Rights Act

Democratic presidential candidate and former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley is calling for a constitutional amendment to end that.

Discrimination Laws Do Not Extend To ‘Unpaid’ Interns

Democrats in Congress seeking to extend civil rights protections.

Boy Scouts Vote To End Ban On Gay Troop Leaders

By July 27th the ban will likely be lifted.

NYC Sued for Promoting Segregation

Group claims city’s affordable housing policy keeps white neighborhoods white and Black neighborhoods Black.

Supreme Court Upholds Housing Discrimination Protections

Those affected by unfair housing practices can still sue without proof that discrimination was intentional.

Support Increases for LGBT Rights, Including Those Religiously Affiliated

The pious mainstream supports LGBT rights, does not like "religious freedom” laws.

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32 Worst States for Transgender Equality

Despite increasing awareness and visibility of transgender people, a majority of states scored poorly on transgender equality, which has implications for future labor recruitment.

Supreme Court Rules: Abercrombie & Fitch Discriminated Against Muslim Applicant Who Wore Headscarf

Abercrombie & Fitch is in the news for discrimination again as the Supreme Court found the company discriminated against a Muslim female job applicant because of her appearance.

Boy Scouts’ President Says Gay Ban Not Sustainable; Girl Scouts Supporting Transgender Members

This week, the Girl Scouts of America and the Boy Scouts of America both announced positive steps towards LGBT equality in their respective organizations.

FDA’s Updated Blood Donation Ban Still Discriminatory

While the updated policy on eligible donors is a step in the right direction, work remains to be done.

Conservatives Push Gay Bashing vs. Corporate America

The 2016 presidential campaign has transformed into a battle between evangelicals and liberals.

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Red State Support for Gay Discrimination Continues

By Kaitlyn D’Onofrio Oklahoma has joined the discriminatory ranks of Indiana and Alabama in its latest bill passed by the Senate. According to the state’s bill, popular ridesharing programs such as Uber and Lyft reserve the right to refuse passengers who identify as transgender or gay: “ shall adopt a policy …

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Even Lawyers Are Beginning to ‘Get It’

Top law firms are largely staying away from representing bigotry – because it hurts recruiting.

Hairstyles of Black Women: Cases of Discrimination

Mainstream society still falters at the acceptance of natural hair and hairstyles of Black women, which has led to legal action against discrimination.

Howard Schultz Starbucks Race Together

Luke Visconti, CEO: Starbucks CEO Needs to Start Discussion About Race With His Leadership Team, Not Minimum-Wage Employees and Customers

This is nothing but a cheap publicity stunt. Schultz is a multibillionaire, yet he has not been involved in a constructive way in the discussion of race until now.

Racial Diversity Isn’t Only Thing Lacking in Ferguson PD

Racial Diversity Isn’t Only Thing Lacking in Ferguson PD

The scathing Justice Department report also made note of sexual harassment and gender bias.

Planet Fitness Transgender

Planet Fitness Stands Firm on Transgender Locker-Room Policy

Michigan gym franchise defends decision to revoke membership of woman who made transphobic complaint.

Men Named John Outnumber Women in Key Leadership Positions

Men Named John Outnumber Women in Key Leadership Positions

An economics professor uses an unusual ratio to describe the lack of gender equity at the top level of management.

Mayor James Knowles III, Police Chief Thomas Jackson

Why Do These People Still Have a Job?

In the wake of the scathing Department of Justice report about the Ferguson Police Department, how come no action has been taken against Mayor James Knowles and Chief Thomas Jackson?

Tensions are continuing to rise in Ferguson, Missouri after the shooting death of Michael Brown.

Report: Justice Department to Cite Ferguson PD for Racial Bias

The DOJ will cite statistics that show Black residents were disproportionately stopped by Ferguson police, creating an atmosphere of racial animosity.

Infant of Same-Gender Parents Denied Services by Mich. Pediatrician

Dr. Vensa Roi refused to care for an infant with two mothers due to her religious beliefs, just the latest example of LGBT rights clashing with business-owner ideology. What does the future hold?

Were Chapel Hill Killings a Hate Crime?

Anti-religion Facebook posts of suspect Craig Hicks lead many to surmise that his execution-style shooting of three Muslim students was motivated by bias.