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Mansplaining for Soccer Pay Gap

Men from U.S. Soccer Federation offer nothing but excuses for why the Women’s U.S. National Team earns significantly less than men’s, despite women’s being more profitable.

TD Bank, Hilton, Accenture, Kellogg’s and Others Demand North Carolina Repeal Radical New Anti-LGBT Law

Letter from major business leaders to be delivered by HRC President Chad Griffin and Equality NC Executive Director Chris Sgro to Gov. Pat McCrory.

Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal

Corporate Pressure Forces Georgia Governor to Veto Anti-LGBT Law

Companies, including several DiversityInc Top 50, threatened to leave the state if the law passed.

Syrian refugees

Lawmakers in N.Y., S.C. Seek to Unwelcome Refugees

Republican representatives have proposed bills to create a registry for Syrian refugees and prohibit financial assistance.

Donald Trump

Jewish Groups Latest to be Offended by Trump

Rabbis call for boycott, Anti-Defamation League to redirect Trump donations; his hate speech and authoritarian style likened to Nazi Germany.

Equality Act

DiversityInc Top 50 Companies Endorse Equality Act

It is still legal to fire someone for being gay in 32 states. The Equality Act would end employee discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

EEOC, LGBT, gay, LGBT rights

EEOC Files First-Ever Sexual Orientation Discrimination Lawsuits

"With the filing of these two suits, EEOC is continuing to solidify its commitment to ensuring that individuals are not discriminated against in workplaces because of their sexual orientation."


Greyhound Admits Cheating People with Disabilities

The bus transportation company will pay at least $300,000 to passengers it discriminated against and addresses ADA violations.

Georgia Senate Passes Act to ‘Religiously’ Discriminate Against LGBT Community

The bill's sponsor said it could even protect the rights of the KKK.

New Louisiana Gov. to Fight LGBT Job Discrimination

Incoming Gov. John Bel Edwards plans to issue an order protecting LGBT state workers and government contractors from discrimination in the workplace.

D.C. Cop’s Use of Force Against Black Student Found ‘Reasonably Necessary’

Student's attorney says the investigative report is "nothing more than a whitewash."

Discrimination Against Job Applicants with Disabilities Exposed

A study conducted by Rutgers and Syracuse universities uncovered proof of employer discrimination against people with disabilities.

Transcript of 911 Call Leading to Police Brutality in D.C. Released, Protestors March

Black teens detained by D.C. cops for looking “suspicious” ignites community’s fight against mayor’s plan for warrantless searches.

Black Student Brutalized by Police for Making a White Woman ‘Uncomfortable’

Once again, cell phone video makes it impossible to sweep under the rug.

More Racial Profiling in Texas: Councilman Tasered, Arrested

Excessive use of force includes an officer involved in Sandra Bland’s arrest.

Mom Outraged by ‘Slave Cuff’ for Toy Figurine

A California mother finds a "racist" figurine of a former slave when assembling toy set.

Natural Hair: To Straighten or Not To Straighten

A North Carolina TV news anchor sparks national debate with Facebook posting on natural hair.