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CEO, Chairman Personally Liable Retaliation Case

March Legal Roundup: CEO, Chairman Personally Liable in Retaliation Case

What led a court to rule that a wrongly fired employee can collect damages from either the company or from the company’s CEO and its Chairman?

Disney People With Disabilities

Disney Parks Sued for Disability Discrimination

More than two dozen individual lawsuits allege that Disney’s Disability Access Service program violates the Americans With Disabilities Act.

Police Officer Verbal Abuse Communications Issues ADHD

November Legal Roundup: Does ADHD Excuse Verbal Abuse?

A police sergeant blamed his communication issues on ADHD. Did a court let him off the hook because of the Americans With Disabilities Act?

Bag of Potato Chips

June Legal Roundup: Fired for Eating a Bag of Potato Chips?

An 18-year employee’s known diabetic condition was not enough to prevent her employer from accusing her of theft.

Can You Be Fired for an Interracial Relationship?

March Legal Roundup: Can You Be Fired for an Interracial Relationship?

A worker was harassed and ultimately fired because of an interracial relationship. What did the courts say about the employer's responsibility?

February Legal Roundup

February Legal Roundup: Is ‘Something Is Wrong’ Enough Notice of a Disability?

How explicit do you have to be for your employer to know that you have an ADA-defined disability?

EEOC Identifies LGBT Protection As 'Emerging Issue'

EEOC Identifies LGBT Protection As ‘Emerging Issue’

Agency offers recourse even though LGBT people are not specifically included in Title VII.