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A Girl and her dog: Top U.S. Court Mulls Discrimination Claim

A Girl and Her Dog: Top U.S. Court Mulls Discrimination Claim

A girl living with cerebral palsy and her family claimed discrimination after the young girl's school said her service dog could not attend school with her.

Comcast NBCUniversal Makes 2016 Summer Olympic Games Accessible to People with Vision Loss through Live Description

Comcast NBCUniversal Makes 2016 Summer Olympic Games Accessible to People with Vision Loss through Live Description

Live video description is available across the country on local NBC stations on the Secondary Audio Program audio feed.


Nielsen Honored for Disability Inclusion by the DEI

Nielsen has been noted as one of the 2016 Best Places to Work by the Disability Equality Index (DEI) for Disability Inclusion.

Unarmed Black Man Shot by Police While Helping His Autistic Patient

Unarmed Black Man Shot by Police While Helping His Autistic Patient

“I was thinking as long as I have my hands up … they’re not going to shoot me,” Charles Kinsey said. Cop told him he did not know why he shot him.

Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente Named a Top-Scoring Company on Disability Equality Index Survey

Kaiser Permanente received a high score of 80 percent, earning the ‘top-scoring’ distinction and recognition as one of the DEI Best Places to Work.

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Government Requires Insurance Programs to Cover Autism Treatment

Effective in 2017, federal health plans will cover Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), a common treatment for children afflicted with autism.

U.S. Government Disability Employment Hits Record High

While professionals with disabilities struggle to establish themselves in the private sector, the U.S. government is employing this population at a record — even at the senior level.

Depression, Obesity, Drug Addiction Not a Disability, Survey Says

More Republicans believe speech disorders, learning disabilities and cancer aren’t disabilities either.

People with Disabilities at Risk of Losing Benefits

If there are cuts to the Social Security Disability Insurance Trust Fund, the quality of life of Americans living with a disability will be compromised.

Disability Advocates Push Back Against Wage Limits

Disability advocates continue fighting for workplace equality while also battling the risk of losing medical assistance.

NOD Launches PWD Employment Advisory with $1 Million Prudential Grant

The corporate advisory services of the National Organization on Disability are now available to companies across the U.S.

Deadline for Disability Employment Tracker Extended, Included in Top 50 Survey

The National Organization on Disability has extended the deadline for the Disability Employment Tracker, which is a key component of The DiversityInc Top 10 Companies for People With Disability list.

A roundup of legal cases involving discrimination lawsuits.

January Legal Roundup: Can a Religious Object Be a ‘Dangerous Weapon’?

What is a kirpan, and why was a Sikh IRS agent fired for wearing one to work?

A legal roundup of discrimination cases going through the courts.

September Legal Roundup: Is Employer Liable for ‘Creepy’ Coworker?

What did the courts say after a town ignored an employee's harassment complaints against a coworker until the victim had already quit her job?

Woman pulls fast one on employers in discrimination lawsuit

July Legal Roundup: Employee Pulls a Fast One to Preserve Discrimination Lawsuit

Does company have to honor secretly modified agreement?

‘I Didn’t Get the Job Because I’m Black’

Diversity and inclusion lacking? How can a company know if the corporate culture has given discrimination claims more of a chance legally?

Racial Discrimination: Black Employee Fired After Being Called the N-Word

See how this employee’s firing was justified, and read other cases on racial discrimination, religion, disability and FMLA.

WellPoint Joins 100,000 Jobs Mission Pledging to Hire Veterans

WellPoint announced that it has joined the 100,000 Jobs Mission, a coalition of major corporations that have jointly committed to hiring 100,000 transitioning service members and military veterans by 2020.


No ADA Accommodation Leads to Seizure, Hospitalization for Diabetic Worker

Can a manager legally keep his employee, who has diabetes, from testing her blood sugar? Read this and other recent discrimination cases.


Yeah, But Is Your Heart in Your Diversity Work?

In a follow-up to my column “Can a White Man Speak With Authority on Diversity?”, a reader asks a critical question.

‘Equal-Opportunity Bullies,’ Forced Family Leave & More in Latest Legal Update

Did a Black employee create a hostile work environment for white workers? Read this and other important legal decisions.