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Nielsen: The Next Digital Grocery Frontier

Nielsen: Measuring the Impact of Consumers with Disabilities

A recent study leveraged the breadth of Nielsen’s measurement capabilities to quantify and define the impact of consumers with disabilities, according to John Burbank.

U.S. Justices Reject Gorsuch in Win for Student with Disability

U.S. Justices Reject Gorsuch in Win for Student with Disability

The Supreme Court ruled that public schools must offer students with disabilities a special educational program sufficiently ambitious to ensure they make progress.

President Elect Absolutely Mocked Reporter with Disabilities, Despite His Claims to the Contrary

President-Elect Absolutely Mocked Reporter with Disabilities, Despite His Claims to the Contrary

Trump still refuses to acknowledge his behavior that many see is clearly evident.

Comcast's X1: Putting Customers with Disabilities in Control

Comcast’s X1: Putting Customers with Disabilities in Control

The X1 platform is changing the way XFINITY customers with disabilities explore the world of film and TV.

DiversityInc Recruitment Conference Sept. 14, 2016

DiversityInc Conquering Recruiting Challenges Conference

Learn how to attract, hire and onboard the most diverse workforce and stay ahead of the competition.

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People with Disabilities Fight to be Seen as Full Human Beings in Hollywood

"If you're going to discuss diversity, it has to be completely inclusive of the groups that really define diversity."

Government Regs for Hiring People with Disabilities Grow Some Teeth

The U.S. government wants to employ more individuals with disabilities not only to strengthen the federal workforce, but to strengthen the country as well.

United Airlines: No Fly Zone for People with Disabilities

The company has been fined for its failure to properly accommodate its passengers with disabilities, putting a spotlight on the struggles people with disabilities face while traveling.

Number of TV Characters with Disabilities Drops; Fewer Roles Go To Disabled Actors

Despite slight increases in the number of TV characters with disabilities, the percentage is down this year.

ODEP Promotes its Employment First Initiative

Employment First aims to put more people with disabilities in well-paying jobs with room for growth.

Luke Visconti says Amtrak humiliates people with disabilties

Luke Visconti, CEO: Amtrak Humiliates People With Disabilities

Amtrak offers a product that's bad enough for the able-bodied. But what they do is downright horrific to people with disabilities.

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The Viscardi Center Awarded $1.8 Million to Promote Jobs for People With Disabilities

The Viscardi Center, a network of nonprofit organizations providing services to empower people with disabilities, was awarded a cooperative agreement from the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Disability Employment Policy.

Things NOT to Say to People With Disabilities

‘How Do You Go to the Bathroom?’ ‘Can You Still Have Children?’: Things NOT to Say to People With Disabilities

How do you avoid stereotypes and cultural incompetence when dealing with people with disabilities? Get some lessons from executives with disabilities and hear their horror stories.

What Is Possible for People With Disabilities?

To overcome basic misconceptions, a professional with a disability must be fully integrated into the workplace, not isolated.

How Recruiting People With Disabilities Solved Toyota’s Costly Problem

These employees’ unique talents helped the car manufacturer speed up its production line and improve public relations.

Is Hiring Only Gay Men Unfair?

Workplace Diversity: Is Hiring Only Gay Men Unfair?

Workplace diversity challenged by reverse discrimination? A shipping company lost a $1-million verdict after a manager only wanted to hire gay men. What can you learn?

How Can We Start Resource Groups Based on Generations, Disabilities?

What are the best practices and research related to forming disabilities affinity groups?

Global Diversity Report

Why Is Global Diversity So Difficult?

What are the prime challenges facing global businesses today that hinder inclusion efforts? What best practices are being implemented globally, and what can you learn from other companies? See what our exclusive research in 17 countries finds.

Things ‘to’ Say to People With Disabilities

You may know that it's inappropriate to ask your colleague with a disability "How did you get that way?" But how do you communicate with someone who has a disability without causing offense? Here are a few suggestions.

7 Things NEVER to Say to People With Disabilities

Chances are you work with someone who has a disability. Think you'd never say something offensive to them? Check this list to find out what people with disabilities don't want to hear.