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Veterans Discharged for Being Gay Should Correct Records

Veterans Discharged for Being Gay Should Correct Records

Navy Secretary Ray Mabus encouraged vets to correct less-than-honorable discharges based on “morally wrong” policies.

Transgender Military Service: Pentagon Announces Moratorium on Discharges

A hold on the administrative discharges of transgender persons serving in the U.S. military will take place during Pentagon study.

Mike Rice is just an example of racism, sexism & bigotry in college sports.

Why Are College Sports the Only Place on Campus Where You Have to Stay in the Closet?

The following column appeared as the “CEO Letter” in the Summer 2013 edition of DiversityInc magazine. CLICK HERE to read the digital edition of this and past issues. By Luke Visconti In the wake of the Rutgers basketball fiasco—in which former Coach Mike Rice used homophobic slurs to castigate players—a huge problem remains: Sports are …

Black women in the military were disproportionately discriminated against

Who Was Most Hurt By ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’? Black Women

Less than 1 percent of service women are Black, but 9 percent of all female Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell discharges were Black women.

Diversity & Education: Are white men now the victims?

Ask the White Guy: Are White Men the New Victims on College Campuses?

Have the tables turned on white men? What should they do about it?

Romney Brings Marriage Inequality to Breakfast

Mitt Romney told a gay Vietnam war veteran that he wants to repeal the same-sex-marriage law in New Hampshire.

Observations on the End of DADT

The latest civil-rights victory—the end of DADT—and the impact of loyal, trustworthy leadership.