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Georgia Senate Passes Act to ‘Religiously’ Discriminate Against LGBT Community

The bill's sponsor said it could even protect the rights of the KKK.

Indiana Senate President Pro Tem David Long

Indiana Legislators Refuse to Consider LGBT Discrimination

Indiana’s lawmakers declined to visit the issue of LGBT protections over the summer for consideration in its next legislative session.

Conservatives Push Gay Bashing vs. Corporate America

The 2016 presidential campaign has transformed into a battle between evangelicals and liberals.

Luke Visconti, CEO of DiversityInc

The Connection Between Corporate Values and Talent

Good values and successful diversity efforts aren’t very powerful if you keep them a secret.

Enrico Moretti

Cities, Companies Wither or Prosper on Their Reputation to Attract Talent

The economics professor discussed how communities and businesses that recruit college-educated skilled labor improve their economic outlook.

U.S. Supreme Court

Even Lawyers Are Beginning to ‘Get It’

Top law firms are largely staying away from representing bigotry – because it hurts recruiting.

Two millennial women

Survey: Millennials Identify as LGBT Much More than Previous Generations

A study of millennials suggests they are much more open about their own sexual identity, and businesses and policymakers should pay heed.

Indiana Senate President Pro Tempore David Long and Speaker of the House Brian Bosma

Indiana Companies Support Amendment to RFRA

Companies that fought Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act, including Eli Lilly and Company and Anthem, are applauding the proposed revisions

Walmart CEO Doug McMillon

Walmart Helps Convince Arkansas Gov. to Wait on Anti-LGBT Bill

Walmart’s powerful voice weighed in its home state against the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, helping to push the governor to send the bill back to the legislature.

Should Your Company Do Business in Indiana After ‘Religious Freedom Law’?

The corporate, political and social backlash against Indiana’s new ‘Religious Freedom Law’ is escalating. The fight against the law, which allows LGBT discrimination, is led by Diversityinc Top 50 companies Eli Lilly and Company and Cummins

Same-Gender Marriage Amicus Brief

25 DiversityInc Top 50 Companies Sign Brief in Support of Same-Gender Marriage

They join 354 other businesses/organizations in urging the Supreme Court to strike down the remaining 13 state bans on same-gender marriage.

Marriage Equality Amicus Brief

Four Top 50 Companies Sign Amicus Brief Supporting Marriage Equality

Cummins, Marriott, Target and WellPoint very publicly make their position known on same-gender marriage.

Eli Lilly Same-Gender Marriage

Eli Lilly, WellPoint Take Strong Stand Against Indiana’s Same-Gender Marriage Ban

The companies noted that passage of the bill would put their companies at a serious disadvantage in attracting and retaining top talent.

7 Things NEVER to Say to Asian-American Executives

Pretty sure you'd never make a stereotypical comment to an Asian American in your office? Read what seven things these Asian-American executives hope you never say.

Things NEVER to Say to Asian Coworkers

Comments such as "Can't you Americanize your name?" to "You must be so good at math" made to Asian colleagues are insulting. What else is inappropriate?