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Violence Prompts Congress to Discuss Militant Threats

Violence Prompts Congress to Discuss Militant Threats

The Charlottesville protests have prompted the decision to broaden the annual violent extremism hearing to include threats from domestic militants, according to a committee aide.

For Women at Congress: The Right To Bare Arms?

For Women at Congress: The Right To Bare Arms?

The dress code requires men to wear suit jackets and ties in the House chamber and speaker’s lobby, which is just outside it, and women are not supposed to wear sleeveless tops or dresses without a sweater or jacket.

Sen. Kamala Harris

Black Woman Senator Publicly Cut Off For Second Time in Two Weeks

California Sen. Kamala Harris was blatantly interrupted during her questioning of Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Woman Faces Prison Time for Laughing at Jeff Sessions

Woman Faces Prison Time for Laughing at Jeff Sessions

Desiree Fairooz could spend up to a year in prison for laughter during the Senate confirmation hearing of President Donald Trump’s appointed U.S. attorney general.

GM, Toyota says U.S. rules limiting self-driving cars need to be eased

GM, Toyota Says U.S. Rules Limiting Self-Driving Cars Need to be Eased

Automotive safety rules need changes to allow the deployment of self-driving cars on American roads.

Jeff Sessions Confirmed as Next U.S. Attorney General

Jeff Sessions Confirmed as Next U.S. Attorney General

White House press secretary Sean Spicer commented, “I can only hope that if (Coretta Scott King) was still with us,” she would support Sessions.

Mitch McConnell to Elizabeth Warren: Shut Up, Sit Down

Mitch McConnell to Elizabeth Warren: Shut Up, Sit Down

On the Senate floor, Warren attempted to read Coretta Scott King’s 1986 letter opposing Jeff Sessions.

Coretta Scott King First Warned of Jeff Sessions in 1986

Coretta Scott King First Warned of Jeff Sessions in 1986

King wrote in a recently uncovered letter that Sessions “sought to punish older civil rights activists, advisors and colleagues of my husband, who had been key figures in the civil rights movement of the 1960s.”

‘World's Whitest Selfie'

Where’s the Diversity? Paul Ryan’s Photo with Interns Called ‘World’s Whitest Selfie’

Ryan's selfie with Capitol Hill interns goes viral, but not for the reason he was hoping.

David Duke: Former KKK Leader, Trump Supporter Plans to Run for Congress

“I’d be the only person in Congress openly defending the rights and the heritage of European Americans,” Duke said.

House Dems’ Gun Common Sense Sit-In Incorporates Social Media Strategies of Millennials

A form of protest coined in the Civil Rights Movement is aided by techniques of modern-day protests.

GOP Senator: U.S. Has an ‘Under-Incarceration Problem’

Even though Blacks are incarcerated at nearly six times the rate of whites, Sen. Tom Cotton says the bipartisan effort to reduce mandatory minimum sentences for non-violent crimes is “baseless.”

Historic Congressional Caucus for Black Women, Girls Created

The caucus will prioritize the needs of Black women and girls in policy making.

Congressmen: Remove J. Edgar Hoover’s Name from FBI Building

Hoover is remembered for attempting to prevent civil rights rather than strive towards them.

Discrimination Laws Do Not Extend To ‘Unpaid’ Interns

Democrats in Congress seeking to extend civil rights protections.

People with Disabilities at Risk of Losing Benefits

If there are cuts to the Social Security Disability Insurance Trust Fund, the quality of life of Americans living with a disability will be compromised.

Cory Booker: More Data on Police-Involved Shootings ‘Common Sense’

Senators Cory Booker and Barbara Boxer introduced legislation to bring “transparency” and “accountability” to law enforcement agencies nationwide.

Loretta Lynch

Loretta Lynch Confirmation Stalled More Than 160 Days

Jeb Bush calls on Senate Republicans to stop stalling. President Obama has called the delay an “embarrassment.” Reports indicate a vote may come this week.

Rainbow flag and ballot box

Diversity Becoming a Priority in LGBT Spaces

The LGBT Congressional Staff Association discusses their approach to diversity outreach even within the LGBT community itself

Stealing Indian Land for a Copper Mine

The Southeast Arizona Land Exchange Conservation Act means copper gains for Resolution Copper, but a potential loss of access to land that is sacred to the Apache tribe.

Obama Hitler comparison tweeted by Texas Rep. Randy Weber

Congressman Compares Obama to Hitler

Texas Republican Randy Weber reaches a new low with his Obama-Hitler comparison. What made him say it?

The most diverse Congress ever

Welcome to the Most Diverse Congress Yet

On a still predominantly-white, predominantly-male Capitol Hill, just how many women, Blacks and Latinos will help shape the future of the country?

Bonnie Watson Coleman shares her beliefs in uniting people, which also provides great insight for diversity practitioners.

VIDEO: Bonnie Watson Coleman—Uniting People Goes Beyond Politics

Uniting people is important for politics, just ask Bonnie Watson Coleman, the New Jersey assemblywoman running to be the first Black woman to represent the Garden State in the House of Representatives. But it's also important for business, and her insights are very informative for diversity practitioners.

Congressman Mo Brooks alleges Democrats are waging a war on whites.

The ‘War on Whites’

An Alabama congressman who “does not believe in racism” is accusing one party of waging a “war on whites,” as Washington tries to deal with the wave of undocumented migrant children at the border.