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High School Football Players Kicked Off Team for Wearing White Hoods, Burning Cross in Photo

High School Football Players Kicked Off Team for Wearing White Hoods, Burning Cross in Photo

“I was just mostly shocked and I wanted to ask them why they did it,” said Kylan Smallwood, the team’s quarterback and only Black varsity player.

Black UFC Fighter Rescues Man with Confederate Flag from Harvey Floodwaters

“He wanted to take the flag with him, and he just apologized and said, ‘Man, I’ll sit in the back of your truck,’” Derrick Lewis said.

Although no script has been written yet, "Game of Thrones"creators D.B. Weiss and David Benioff have drawn criticism for their new show "Confederate," which takes place during a third American Civil War.

‘Game of Thrones’ Creators Draw Criticism Over New Race Fantasy Series ‘Confederate’

The alternate racial history drama will test America’s audience, for good or bad.

Racist Couple Sentenced to Prison for Slurs, Death Threats at Child’s Party

Racist Couple Sentenced to Prison for Slurs, Death Threats at Child’s Party

Jose Torres pointed a shotgun at Black partygoers and, referring to the children present, allegedly said “the little ones can get one too.”

Dylan Roof found guilty

Dylann Roof Found Guilty of Charleston Massacre

“He must be held accountable for each and every action he took inside that church. For every life he took,” said Assistant U.S. Attorney Nathan Williams.

U.S. v. Dylann Roof: Justice Dept. to Seek Death Penalty for Charleston Killings

Now both federal prosecutors and South Carolina state prosecutors are pursuing capital punishment.

Mississippi, Confederate

Mississippi Gov. Sued Over Racist State Flag

“With each passing day, Plaintiff and other African-American citizens are subjugated to second class status by virtue of the official state flag bearing the confederate battle flag emblem flying high and proud on public property within the state of Mississippi.”

Mississippi, Confederate

Confederate Flag Will Continue to Fly Over Mississippi

Gov. Phil Bryant declared April "Confederate Heritage Month" once again.

Mississippi Colleges Continue to Lower State Flag

As the state has yet to remove the Confederate battle emblem, universities are opting not to display the flag.

Confederate Flag Proposal Goes Down in Flames in Tennessee

Continuing a trend of removing the hate symbol from official use and public places

Confederate ‘Terrorists’ Indicted in Georgia

Members of group that drove trucks waving Confederate flags and yelled racial slurs past a Black child’s birthday party could face 20 years in prison.

Prominent Mississippians Urge State To Remove Flag’s Confederate Emblem

Morgan Freeman, Jimmy Buffett, former State Rep. John Grisham and others are pushing for a change in the state’s flag.

Georgia ‘Removes’ Two Confederate Holidays From Calendar

The state’s 2016 calendar will not list the holidays by name, but the state will continue to recognize them.

Ailing White Supremacist Helped by Black Officer During Rallies

During KKK and Black Educators for Justice rallies, both on South Carolina statehouse grounds, a Black officer's professionalism speaks volumes.

North Charleston Police Sergeant Fired Over Confederate Flag Boxers Photo

The former sergeant is now appealing the decision.

Confederate Flag Scheduled To Come Down at 9:45 This Morning

Congress remains divided after a last-ditch effort by the Republican Party to keep the flag.

S.C. Senate Votes to Remove Flag, Awaits House

The lawmakers’ highly anticipated debate on the Confederate flag’s place in the state began on Monday.

Major Retailers Remove Confederate-Themed Products

Walmart started the trend, followed quickly by Sears and eBay. Amazon, joined later, but has seen a huge spike in Confederate product sales.

#TakeItDown: Lawmakers Key to Removal of Confederate Flag, Symbols

Lawmakers in South Carolina debate the removal of the Confederate flag, while lawmakers in other southern states, which also use Confederate symbols, respond to a public outcry to take them down.

Charleston, S.C.: A Millennial’s Perspective on Racism in Her City

"When you try to explain it the response is often, ‘Whoa, there buddy! I’m not a racist!’ When the ugly truth is that they are — just a well-meaning one."

Leaders Urge South Carolina to Take Down Confederate Flag

A Confederate flag still flies from the South Carolina Capitol grounds, which many demand be removed after the mass murder of nine in Charleston.

Ask the White Guy, Luke Visconti, DiversityInc CEO

Why Fly the Confederate Flag?

Question: I live in a small suburb of Kansas City, Mo. I have noticed more frequently that individuals in the area have confederate flag bumper stickers, flags hanging as windows, etc. What's the deal?