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Tamir Rice 911 Operator Suspended for Eight Days

Cleveland Police Union to Sue Toy Gun Producers

Both Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson and former county prosecutor Tim McGinty previously blamed the toy gun, in part, for the fatal shooting of 12-year-old Tamir Rice.

Cleveland Officer in Tamir Rice Shooting ‘Did Not Know’ He ‘Was a Kid’

Cleveland Officer in Tamir Rice Shooting ‘Didn’t Know it Was a Kid’

Cleveland Police Department officer Frank Garmback, in a video of a police interview following the shooting of the African American child, became emotional several times.

Tamir Rice 911 Operator Suspended for Eight Days

Tamir Rice 911 Operator Suspended for Eight Days

Constance Hollinger violated protocol when she failed to relay that the gun Rice was holding was “probably fake.”

GOP Lacks Black Delegates

Black Delegates at GOP Convention at Lowest Level in History

Only 18 out of 2,472 delegates in Cleveland are Black, the lowest percentage in over a century.

Tamir Rice Family to Receive $6 Million in Settlement

"In a situation like this, there's no such thing as closure or justice," lawyers Johnathan Abady and Earl Ward said in a statement Monday. "Nothing will bring Tamir back. His unnecessary and premature death leaves a gaping hole for those who knew and loved him that can never be filled."

Cleveland EMS Captain Fired for Facebook Post about Tamir Rice

Jamie Marquardt's post said he should have pulled the trigger killing “the little criminal.”

Power of the Vote: Prosecutors Handling Laquan McDonald, Tamir Rice Cases Lose Seats

Activist groups, including Black Lives Matter, mobilized voters to change the status quo.

Cleveland Charges Tamir Rice’s Family for Rice’s Ambulance Ride

The city has since withdrawn the claim for Rice’s ambulance bill; family attorney says the claim "adds insult to homicide."

Six of 13 Officers Fired After Shooting 137 Bullets at Two Unarmed Blacks

Of the 105 officers involved in the 2012 tragedy, only one faced criminal charges — and was acquitted. Terminations will likely not go into effect for several years, says mayor.

School District Employee Calls Tamir Rice’s Mom ‘Stupid B**ch’

Yet another racist miscreant put on paid leave; maybe he'll spend the paid time off learning proper contractions.

Tamir Rice: A Year Since His Death and No Indictment

Rice family members collected 200,000 signatures to remove the county prosecutor from the case being heard by the grand jury.

Tamir Rice’s Death Called ‘Reasonable’ in New Reports

Rice family attorney says "so-called experts" of the new reports "assist in the whitewash."

‘I Don’t Want To Die In Your Cell’; Hours Later, Woman Found Dead in Jail

New video footage shows 37-year-old Ralkina Jones expressing fear for her life while held in jail, only to be discovered unresponsive on July 26.

8 of 10 U.S. Prosecutors are White Males, Study Shows

A new study shows virtually no diversity exists among prosecutors.

Tamir Rice

Tamir Rice’s Age, Size Repeatedly Made an Issue in Shooting Investigation

The 12-year-old victim of a police shooting is repeatedly painted as abnormally large as if to let the officers who shot him off the hook.

Tamir Rice

Cleveland Goes Straight to Judge Seeking Justice for Tamir Rice

Citizens of Cleveland are taking matters into their own hands and implementing a different legal strategy in the Tamir Rice case.

Black Lives Matter

Unarmed Black People Twice as Likely to Be Killed by Cops As White People, Says Report

The Guardian newspaper’s research found that unarmed Black people made up 32 percent of those killed by police so far in 2015.

Tamir Rice

BREAKING REPORT: No Crime in Tamir Rice Shooting According to Sheriff’s Investigation

A Cleveland station is reporting that the investigation into the 12-year-old boy’s death at the hands of police officers found no evidence of a crime.

Officer Michael Brelo

Cleveland Makes a Deal with DOJ as City Erupts in Protests Over Officer’s Acquittal

During the time a police officer was acquitted for firing 15 shots into the car of an unarmed couple, Cleveland reached a settlement with the Justice Department.

Cleveland: Tamir Rice to Blame for His Own Death

In response to the Rice family’s federal lawsuit, court documents filed by the city state that Tamir Rice’s actions caused his demise.

Ohio news anchor uses slur on-air, claims she didn't know it was a word.

‘I Didn’t Know That [Slur] Was Even a Word’

A news anchor commenting on the Oscars uses a racial slur on-air—and then claims that she didn’t even know it was a word.


Cleveland’s Economic Development: Investment in Diversity & Inclusion Pays Dividends

Diversity management is paying dividends in Cleveland's economic development, where the Greater Cleveland Partnership and regional companies including hospitals, colleges and utilities invested in underserved communities.

Lessons in Networking to Maximize Relationships

Byron Spruell is on the fast track at Deloitte. How did he maximize workplace relationships through networking and giving back?

Diversity Drives Cleveland’s Economic Development, Recovery

Find out how a collaborative network of committed diversity-and-inclusion leaders is fueling this Northeast Ohio region's turnaround and driving Cleveland's economic development.