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CEO, Chairman Personally Liable Retaliation Case

March Legal Roundup: CEO, Chairman Personally Liable in Retaliation Case

What led a court to rule that a wrongly fired employee can collect damages from either the company or from the company’s CEO and its Chairman?

Police Officer Verbal Abuse Communications Issues ADHD

November Legal Roundup: Does ADHD Excuse Verbal Abuse?

A police sergeant blamed his communication issues on ADHD. Did a court let him off the hook because of the Americans With Disabilities Act?

Legal Roundup: Must you act American?

December Legal Roundup: Must You Act ‘American’?

Did a court allow an immigrant employee's discrimination case? What was the legal answer when faced with a real-life case of the "living dead"?

Poor job performance reviews negate a discrimination lawsuit over a promotion.

November Legal Roundup: Poor Performance Overrides Edge in Experience

Older white man’s uneven work history precluded a discrimination case after he was passed over for someone 30 years younger.

Update on sexual harrassment and other legal cases about discrimination in the courts.

October Legal Roundup: ‘You’re Not That Pretty’

What are the legal ramifications when a female employee is told she is not attractive by a male supervisor?

A legal roundup of discrimination cases going through the courts.

September Legal Roundup: Is Employer Liable for ‘Creepy’ Coworker?

What did the courts say after a town ignored an employee's harassment complaints against a coworker until the victim had already quit her job?

Woman pulls fast one on employers in discrimination lawsuit

July Legal Roundup: Employee Pulls a Fast One to Preserve Discrimination Lawsuit

Does company have to honor secretly modified agreement?

Why Was Employee Not Given Raise Along With Promotion?

Why Was Employee Not Given Raise Along With Promotion?

According to his supervisor: “For a young Black man … I’m already paying you a lot of money.”

Diversity Legal Cases: Gender Discrimination

Poor Workforce Diversity Practices Result in Gender Discrimination

A food distributor settles for $200,000 after a federal agency concludes that it discriminated against women.

EEOC Identifies LGBT Protection As 'Emerging Issue'

EEOC Identifies LGBT Protection As ‘Emerging Issue’

Agency offers recourse even though LGBT people are not specifically included in Title VII.

Who Can't Be Sued for Discrimination?

Who Can’t Be Sued for Discrimination?

Your company may be exempt from employment laws, but you can still get sued. Here’s what you need to know.

Racial Discrimination: Black Employee Fired After Being Called the N-Word

See how this employee’s firing was justified, and read other cases on racial discrimination, religion, disability and FMLA.

Protect Young Employees From Harassment

How can you ensure that teens you employ are protected against sexual harassment, abusive environments and age discrimination?