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FBI Director James Comey blew it in his speech on race in America

Editorial: FBI Director Blows It in Race Speech

FBI Director James Comey gave an unprecedented speech on racial profiling and tensions amongst law enforcement, but then seemingly excused it all.

Court Denies North Carolina Motion to Stay Decision on Racist Voter ID Law

Court Denies North Carolina Motion to Stay Decision on Racist Voter ID Law

In blocking the stay the court "merely returns North Carolina's voting procedure to the status quo prevailing before the discriminatory law was enacted," the order states.

Will Criminal Justice Reform Ever Happen? A Discussion Moderated by Van Jones Offers Answers

Will Criminal Justice Reform Ever Happen? A Discussion Moderated by Van Jones Offers Answers

Coinciding with the DNC, The Dream Corps, #cut50 and Rock the Vote bring together political leaders, community organizers to discuss what it takes to end an era of mass incarceration.

Voter ID law

Texas Voter ID Law Discriminates, Federal Court Rules

Appeals court agrees the Texas law made it harder for Blacks and Latinos to vote and violates the U.S. Voting Rights Act.

Most Voters Blame Trump for Rise in Hatred, One Poll Finds, While Another Confirms His Supporters View Blacks Negatively

Majority of Blacks will “never” vote for Trump, and his supporters think Blacks are “lazy” and “violent.”

One Year After Charleston Shooting: A Victim’s Granddaughter Says ‘Hate Won’t Win’

Alana Simmons tells DiversityInc how her organization and Dr. Bernice A. King will commemorate the deaths of the Emanuel 9.

Michelle Obama: Five Crucial Points of Her Final Commencement Address

The First Lady offered stirring words of wisdom touching on diversity, the dangers of Trump and how President Obama is “the son of a man from Kenya.”

Black Harvard Graduate’s Poetic Speech Goes Viral

A university official told DiversityInc Donovan Livingston “shared an important and urgent message in a powerful way.”

Timothy Foster, jury

Supreme Court Finds Prosecutors Selected All-White Jury to Convict Black Suspect

Prosecutors "were motivated in substantial part by race" in the jury selection process of a trial nearly three decades ago, the Supreme Court concluded.

Donald Trump

Trump’s Record of Hate to Date

Click here for an up-to-date round-up of Donald Trump's hateful rhetoric and insults toward individuals, groups, ethnicities, religions and others during his presidential campaign.

James Greer

Video of Black Man Killed by Police Released Two Years Later

"It's definitely wrongful death. … The officers were clearly negligent. You have a person who is not aggressive, who never swung at officers, and they are using tasers repeatedly."

Another Black Woman Dies in a Texas Jail Cell

Symone Marshall was involved in a car accident in Texas, was arrested and later died in police custody.


Flint II? Lawsuit Follows Plans to Build 5th Power Plant in Black Neighborhood

"The Maryland agencies that decided that this plant should be built are putting a bunch of pollution sources into a community that's 75 percent black, while whiter communities get cleaner air."

Trayvon Martin

Trayvon Martin Murder Weapon for Auction Again

Proceeds from the disturbing auction will “fight BLM violence against Law Enforcement officers, ensure the demise of Angela Correy's (sic) persecution career and Hillary Clinton's anti-firearm rhetoric,” the listing reads.

Delrish Moss, Ferguson, police chief

New Black Ferguson Police Chief Vows to Clean House of Bad Cops

"It's our task to bring nobility back to this work and to make sure that we honor our badges, and we serve our communities with respect," said Delrish Moss upon being sworn in.

Malia Obama

Fox News Readers Bash Obama’s Daughter With Racial Slurs, ‘Ape,’ ‘Monkey’

The right-wing media outlet removed the comments section of the article after readers shamed the president’s daughter with a mass influx of racist comments, including calling her a racial slur and hoping the young woman gets AIDS.

Robert Gates - Eric Harris

Oklahoma Volunteer Deputy Convicted of Killing Unarmed Black Man

The 74-year-old volunteer lacked proper training and was a financial supporter and close friend of former sheriff, who was forced to resign.

Prince: A Beloved Music Legend Dies at Age 57

A prolific Black artist who transcended musical genres, Prince influenced music and culture globally.

TV Journalist Fired for Racial Comments on Facebook

Professionals continue to violate company policies with racist postings.

Mississippi, Confederate

Mississippi Gov. Sued Over Racist State Flag

“With each passing day, Plaintiff and other African-American citizens are subjugated to second class status by virtue of the official state flag bearing the confederate battle flag emblem flying high and proud on public property within the state of Mississippi.”

James Craig Anderson, Mississippi, hate crime

Killers in Hate Crime Pay $840,000 to Victim’s Estate

"A toxic mix of alcohol, foolishness and unadulterated hatred caused these young people to resurrect the nightmarish specter of lynchings and lynch mobs from the Mississippi we long to forget."

Black Students at Trump Rally Removed for No Reason

Students say Secret Service agents escorted them out simply for being there.

Mississippi, Confederate

Confederate Flag Will Continue to Fly Over Mississippi

Gov. Phil Bryant declared April "Confederate Heritage Month" once again.

Beyonce Super Bowl

Law Enforcement Calls for Beyoncè Boycott

Police unions tell members to refrain from security roles at Beyoncè’s upcoming concerts following her Super Bowl performance and subsequent video supportive of the Black Panthers and #BlackLivesMatter; Louis Farrakhan offers protection.