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Mich. Gov. Ignores Safety, Poisons Poor Black Residents to Save a Buck

Gov. Rick Snyder ignored scientific reports and pleas from residents to correct toxic water supply.

Jada Pinkett-Smith, Spike Lee to Boycott Oscars for Failing in Diversity

Amidst the boycott news, fans pressure host Chris Rock to step down.

Oscar Voters Nominate All White Actors, Again

“It’s the Oscars, they do what they do,” says Ice Cube.

Prosecutor Seeks Indictment for Cop who Killed Naked, Unarmed Black Veteran

Officer Robert Olsen would be the first cop put on trial in Georgia for a shooting death while on duty in six years.

Target Wins Right to Sell Rosa Parks Merchandise

"Parks’s refusal to cede ground in the face of continued injustice has made her among the most revered heroines of our national story; her role in American history cannot be over-emphasized."

School District Employee Calls Tamir Rice’s Mom ‘Stupid B**ch’

Yet another racist miscreant put on paid leave; maybe he'll spend the paid time off learning proper contractions.

How racism killed Eric Garner

NYPD Finally Finds Someone to Hold Accountable for Eric Garner’s Murder — A Black Woman

Sgt. Kizzy Adonis is the first person to be charged with any kind of misconduct in Garner’s death.

Christie Pal Governor LePage of Maine Tells Us How He Thinks

"...half the time they impregnate a young, white girl before they leave"; Gov. Christie maintains his “affection” and “respect” for LePage.

Wisconsin Lawmaker Suggests State Would Thrive If It Weren’t For Blacks

Rep. Bob Gannon deflects responsibility for state’s huge job losses on Milwaukee’s Black residents.

Double Standard: Treatment of Blacks vs. Whites by Police

Nearly half of all people killed by police in 2015 were minorities, and more than a quarter of the victims were Black — despite Blacks only making up 13.2 percent of the nation’s population.

No Indictments in Death of Sandra Bland

A grand jury concluded that no indictments will be made in the case of the 28-year-old’s death while in a Texas jail last July. Bland’s family remains in the dark on what’s happening with her case.

Petition Contests Charges Against Black Student Flipped in Desk by Officer

Former Richland County Deputy Ben Fields faces no charges, yet the teen he tossed in a classroom faces a misdemeanor.

Black CEO Talks About Diversity, is Called Racist

Sam’s Club CEO Rosalind Brewer came under fire for acknowledging corporate America’s very apparent lack of diversity.

Diversity Loses in College Football Coaching Jobs

Although 53.4 percent of college football players were Black for the 2015 season, less than 9 percent of head coaches at schools that make up the Football Bowl Subdivision are Black.

Marco Rubio’s Quest to Kill Obamacare to Affect Latinos, Blacks

Rubio’s provision has caused some insurers to shut down.

D.C. Cop’s Use of Force Against Black Student Found ‘Reasonably Necessary’

Student's attorney says the investigative report is "nothing more than a whitewash."

Tamir Rice Shooting ‘Unreasonable,’ Experts Find; Officers Release Statements

Two outside experts consulted by the Rice family questioned the legal knowledge of those who conducted the original reports and said Loehmann should not have been employed in the first place. Loehmann and his partner’s grand jury statements were released Tuesday evening.

Study: Mortgage Lenders Shun Baltimore’s Black Neighborhoods

Researcher says lack of lending to Blacks in Baltimore is about race, not credit.

5 BLM Protesters Shot By White Men in Minneapolis

BLM spokesperson said shooters are white supremacists who have made prior threats.

Donald Trump propaganda

Trump’s Comments are 74 Percent Lies

From celebrating Muslims on 9/11 to Black on Black crime, Trump is full of baloney.

Tamir Rice: A Year Since His Death and No Indictment

Rice family members collected 200,000 signatures to remove the county prosecutor from the case being heard by the grand jury.

Portraits of Black Professors at Harvard Defaced

Yet another incident of racism on college campuses, which authorities are investigating as a hate crime

Black Alum Named Interim Pres. of Mizzou

“I don’t blame white people who don’t understand. I blame our ugly history.”