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Black Marine Pushes Corps to Expand Hairstyle Policies

Sergeant was catalyst to bring Marines in line with the rest of the armed forces in regards to twist hairstyles.

Natural Hair: To Straighten or Not To Straighten

A North Carolina TV news anchor sparks national debate with Facebook posting on natural hair.

Hair Braiding Regulations in Texas Continue to Unravel

Texas has impossible regulations on the hair braiding industry impeding upon the businesses of Black women, which a new bill may change.

Fashion Police Attack Black Hair on Oscars Red Carpet

Guiliana Rancic, host of E!’s 'Fashion Police', made stereotypical and offensive comments about actress Zendaya Coleman’s dreadlocks during the show’s critique of Oscars red-carpet fashion.

QVC Hosts Mock Black Model’s Natural Hair

Host Sandra Bennett has apologized after video surfaced of her mocking a Black model’s natural hair on live TV.

Titi Branch, Black hair industry queen, has died.

Titi Branch, Black Beauty-Industry Queen, Dies at 45

Branch, the co-founder of Miss Jessie’s natural-hair products, was found dead at age 45.

Choosing Natural Hair Styles Still a Career Concern for Black Women

Choosing Natural Hair Styles Still a Career Concern for Black Women

Black women are embracing natural hair like never before, but acceptance by corporate America is still a significant concern for those climbing the ladder.

Should Black Women Straighten Their Hair or Lighten Their Skin?

Backlash against R&B singer India.Arie’s new cover art re-raises controversial #skinversation on racism/colorism in Black community, including the discussion on Black hair.

Does corporate America discriminate against Black hair?

Ask the White Guy: Do Blacks Need to Relax Their Natural Hair to Get Promoted?

Does this reader need to relax her natural hair to get ahead in the workplace? Read what the White Guy says.