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‘Presidents' Day’ was ‘Barack Obama Day’ at Morehouse College

‘Presidents’ Day’ was ‘Barack Obama Day’ at Morehouse College

Event explored the work and legacy of the former president, who notable historians rank 12th among former presidents in a new C-SPAN survey.

Malia Obama Present at Dakota Access Pipeline Protest

Malia Obama Attends Dakota Access Pipeline Protest

Obama is “willing to participate in democracy because she chooses to,” said actress and protester Shailene Woodley.

A combination of photos taken at the National Mall shows the crowds attending the inauguration ceremony to swear in President Donald Trump at 12:01pm (L) on Jan. 20, 2017, and the Women's March on Jan. 21, 2017, in Washington, D.C.

Women’s March on Washington Drew More People Than Trump’s Inauguration

“We have to fight harder than we’ve ever fought before,” Jalila Bell, a women’s march attendee, told DiversityInc.

Rev. Jesse Jackson

As Obama Departs, We Owe Him Our Thanks

It is worth being clear about the legacy that he leaves behind. Commentary by Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr.

Glendon Scott Crawford, N.Y. Klansman Gets 30 Years in Prison for Plot vs Muslims, Obama

N.Y. Klansman Gets 30 Years in Prison for Plot vs Muslims, Obama

The klansman and self-proclaimed white supremacist planned to use a "death ray" to kill Muslims and the president.

Obamas Should be Hanged, says State Official

Obamas Should be Hanged, Says State Official

"Hopefully the Muslims will eliminate him and mooshelle as queers," a Tennessee deputy director wrote on Facebook.

Advocates Fear What Trump Presidency Will Mean for People with Disabilities

Advocates Fear What Trump Presidency Will Mean for People with Disabilities

President-elect Donald Trump has not been clear on his ideas regarding people with disabilities but notably mocked a reporter with a disability during his campaign.

Rev. Jesse Jackson

Obama Steadied Our Nation in ‘Interesting Times’

By Jesse Jackson: Obama came to office facing harsh economic and political tempests. He will leave office handing the baton to a successor with the wind at her or his back.

Trump Goes After First Lady Michelle Obama for First Time

Trump Goes After Michelle Obama for First Time

Despite warnings from the White House, Trump makes false allegations against the first lady.

Obama Trolls Trump Over 'Mean tweet' on Late Night TV

Obama Trolls Trump Over ‘Mean tweet’ on Late Night TV

Obama poked fun at Trump's Twitter rants and his repeated claims that the election is rigged on ABC's late-night show "Jimmy Kimmel Live."

SCOTUS Will not Hear Obama's Immigration Plan Again

U.S. Top Court Denies Obama Request to Rehear Major Immigration Case

Obama's immigration plan would have put an estimated 4 million people into a program that shields them from deportation and supplies work permits.

First Muslim Federal Judge Abid Riaz Qureshi

Obama Nominates First Muslim Federal Judge

Abid Riaz Qureshi would be the first Muslim federal judge if appointed.

Diddy says Black Voters 'Shortchanged' by Obama Presidency

Black Voters ‘Shortchanged’ by Obama Presidency, Says Diddy

The rapper and businessman encouraged Black voters to “hold our vote” until a candidate prioritizes issues pertinent to the Black community.

Colin Kaepernick

Obama Defends Kaepernick’s Right to Protest Even if Message Obscured

"If nothing else what he's done is he's generated more conversation around some topics that need to be talked about," the president said of NFL quarterback Kaepernick's decision to sit down during the national anthem.

Obama's No Discrimination Advisory to Louisiana Receives Backlash

Obama’s No Discrimination Advisory to Louisiana Receives Backlash

Conservatives slammed the president's advisory that Louisiana not discriminate against minority flood victims — despite race playing a factor during disaster recovery in other areas.

Stonewall Inn

Stonewall Inn Becomes First National Monument to Honor Gay Rights

This weekend’s pride parades paid tribute to victims of violence and celebrated marriage equality.

trump, orlando, shutterstock

Trump Exploits Orlando Tragedy

The presumptive Republican nominee equates all Muslims to Islamic terrorists, suggests Obama is complicit, claims Orlando shooter was not U.S.-born.

James Comey, Comey, FBI

Police Afraid to do Their Jobs, Says FBI Director

Director Comey again makes unfounded statement that cops not doing their jobs out of fear of being caught on video, is called "irresponsible" and "counterproductive."

Flint water crisis

UN: No Flint Crisis if City Was ‘Well-off or overwhelmingly white’

The Flint water crisis raises "serious human rights concerns," the U.N. stated, calling for immediate action.

Trump: Put Tubman on $2 Bill

The Republican presidential candidate called the recent decision to feature civil rights pioneer Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill “pure political correctness.”

Mich. Gov. Ignores Safety, Poisons Poor Black Residents to Save a Buck

Gov. Rick Snyder ignored scientific reports and pleas from residents to correct toxic water supply.

Women in Combat

U.S. Military to Allow Women to Serve in All Combat Roles

The move is the latest of inclusive steps by the military and opens up more than 220,000 jobs to women.

Obama: ‘America has Left the Leaders of the Republican Party Behind’

President mocks the strategy of "supporting new forms of discrimination to scare up votes."

Police Chief Out After Calling Black Lives Matter ‘Terrorist Group’

Facebook rant comes back to bite a bigot, demonstrating how freedom of speech isn't freedom from repercussions.