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  • Does White Entitlement Exist?

    Does White Entitlement Exist?

    Question: Do you feel entitled to success and position just because you are white? Do your friends generally feel entitled? Do you feel that white men are smarter than black men and white people smarter than blacks, as a whole? When a white man, in general, competes with a black man for a job, does the white man automatically think that he is a better candidate? Just wanted to know!
  • Ever Laughed at a Racist Joke?

    Ever Laughed at a Racist Joke?

    Question: Have you ever used a racial slur or laughed at a racial joke?
  • Does It Hurt or Help to Declare Race on Job Applications?

    Does It Hurt or Help to Declare Race on Job Applications?

    Question: When I apply for a job, should I put my ethnicity? Especially in places like California that don't have affimative-action policies? When I write my race, is this hurting my chances to find a job? I have an engineering degree, with good grades, and 8 years' experience, but I can't find a job. I wonder if it is because of my race.
  • Being White Doesnt Mean You’re ‘Normal’

    Being White Doesnt Mean You’re ‘Normal’

    Question: Why do white people considered themselves "unraced" but think everyone else is ... AND ... what can I do as a minority to counteract that without coming off with a "chip on my shoulder"?
  • What’s Your Heritage?

    What’s Your Heritage?

    Question: See now, that's the problem: I always tell people, 'You're not "White"! You're: Irish, Italian, German, Polish, Scottish, Czech, Russian, etc., etc. -- something! So, please don't disrespect your ancestors and your heritage!' So, Mr. Visconti, what are YOU? I'd love to hear wonderful and fascinating things about your heritage. Let's all share!
  • Am I Really White?

    Am I Really White?

    Question: Your surname seems of possible Italian descent as is mine, but I am of Southern Italian extraction. I believe that Theodore Roosevelt once issued an executive order declaring that we Southern Italians are actually black as part of a miscegenation ruling. Are we really white?
  • Are School Vouchers the Solution?

    Are School Vouchers the Solution?

    Question: Hello, what do you think of school vouchers? And, the discrepancy between inner-city schools and suburban schools with funding?