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Washington Redskins

Key NFL Advocacy Group Calls for Redskins to Change Name

The Fritz Pollard Alliance is an influential organization that promotes “diversity and equality of job opportunity” in the coaching, front-office and scouting staffs of NFL teams.

Stealing Indian Land for a Copper Mine

The Southeast Arizona Land Exchange Conservation Act means copper gains for Resolution Copper, but a potential loss of access to land that is sacred to the Apache tribe.

The most diverse Congress ever

Welcome to the Most Diverse Congress Yet

On a still predominantly-white, predominantly-male Capitol Hill, just how many women, Blacks and Latinos will help shape the future of the country?

Universities Warn Against Blackface Halloween Costumes

After a rash of racist costumes last Halloween, universities are taking the unusual step of emailing students to ask them not to be racist.

Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder had the outgoing president of the Navajo Nation join him at Sunday's game.

Redskins Owner Pulls the ‘I Have American Indian Friends’ Move

Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder invited the president of the Navajo Nation to his box for last weekend’s game … but perhaps he should’ve done a little more research on his guest first.

What is American Indian Heritage Month?

National Native American Heritage Month Timeline and Facts & Figures

American Indian buying power is expected to grow to $148 billion by 2017. How will this affect your company's business strategy?

CBS will not force its announcers to say Redskins on the air.

CBS: NFL Commentators Have Choice Whether to Say ‘Redskins’

The TV network, which will air some Thursday-night NFL games this year, will not force its crews to use “Redskins” on the air.

Washington Redskins

U.S. Patent Office Calls Redskins Name ‘Disparaging,’ Cancels Trademark Registration

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has cancelled six Washington Redskins patents because the name is ‘disparaging to Native Americans.’ Read the official ruling here.

World War II Hero Chester Nez Dies at 93

Chester Nez, the last surviving code talker, was a Marine who created a top-secret Navajo-based language that helped the U.S. to its 1945 victory in the Pacific.

Pharrell Williams Wears an American Indian Headdress on the Cover of Elle UK, Twitter Creates Hashtag #NotHappy in Response

Pop star Pharrell Williams is getting called out for being Black and wearing a traditional American Indian headdress. Is he the newest celebrity to misappropriate a culture?

Washington Redskins

50 Senators Call on NFL to Change Redskins Name

Owner Daniel Snyder has remained steadfast in his position that he has no plans to rename his Washington Redskins football team.

Heidi Klum Called A Racist for American Indian-Inspired ‘Redface’ Photoshoot

Klum receives major backlash after promoting ‘Redface’ photos on her Facebook account. See the photos here.

Darrin Gayles

The First Openly Gay Black Male Judge?

President Obama has a new nominee who would be the first openly gay Black male federal judge, but members of the Congressional Black Caucus say he still isn’t doing enough to increase the diversity of federal courts.

National Congress of American Indians Super Bowl ad about the Washington Redskins name change.

The Super Bowl Ad You Didn’t See

The National Congress of American Indians releases a Super Bowl ad dealing with one of the biggest controversies in sports … but it doesn’t air during the big game. Watch the powerful commercial here.

‘Send 2 Reservation’: Sonic Apologizes After Racist, Indian-Themed Sign

‘Send 2 Reservation’: Sonic Apologizes After Racist, Indian-Themed Sign

Despite the crass comments, the employee behind the offending words appears to have kept his job.

A Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman Halloween costume pairing are among the most offensive costumes out there this year.

Is This the Most Offensive Halloween Costume Ever?

“Ripped from the headlines” get-ups are popular almost every year, but where do some of this year’s rank among the most offensive?

Things NOT to Say to American Indian Coworkers

Just introduced to an American Indian colleague? Take a look at the things you should avoid saying if you don't want to offend your coworker.

Washington Redskins

Washington Redskins Name Change Gains Momentum

Some of the most powerful Indian nations in the country and the sport of football speak out on the D.C. franchise’s name, but its owner stands firm.

WA High School Drops Redskins Name; Will Pro Teams Follow?

In response to concerns from American Indians, high schools and colleges have been moving away from Indian mascots. Will pro sports bow to the same pressure?

Adoptive Couple v. Baby Girl: Why It’s NOT About American Indian Rights

The Supreme Court ruling this week angered supporters of the Indian Child Welfare Act, but should it have?

New York Life Foundation Grants $75,000 to the Center for Native American Youth at the Aspen Institute

Grant Given to Support the Study of Bereavement Resources for Native American Youth – the Most At-Risk Population in the United States

Make me Asian and Make me Indian Google Apps Offend, Called Racist

Google’s Racist Apps Removed After 8,400+ Sign Petition

Google Play store pulls ‘Make Me Asian,’ ‘Make Me Indian’ off its virtual shelf for telling users to overlay slanted eyes, darken skin on photos then “laugh heartily.”

Elouise Cobell, Blackfeet American Indian tribe leader, shakes hands with President Obama

$3.4B Class-Action Lawsuit Ends: 350,000 American Indians to Receive Payout

The 17-year lawsuit’s settlement includes $1,000 checks for American Indian beneficiaries and a scholarship fund.

Who Can't Be Sued for Discrimination?

Who Can’t Be Sued for Discrimination?

Your company may be exempt from employment laws, but you can still get sued. Here’s what you need to know.