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Texas Roadhouse to Pay $12 Million to Settle Age Bias Lawsuit

Texas Roadhouse to Pay $12 Million to Settle Age Bias Lawsuit

According to the suit, Texas Roadhouse violated federal laws by making it “standard operating procedure” to reject older applicants for “front-of-the-house” jobs.

Police Officer Verbal Abuse Communications Issues ADHD

November Legal Roundup: Does ADHD Excuse Verbal Abuse?

A police sergeant blamed his communication issues on ADHD. Did a court let him off the hook because of the Americans With Disabilities Act?

October legal roundup

October Legal Roundup: Is Employee With Down Syndrome Entitled to Blanket Protection?

How did a court rule on whether an employer is required to accommodate the profane outbursts of an employee with a disability?

Bag of Potato Chips

June Legal Roundup: Fired for Eating a Bag of Potato Chips?

An 18-year employee’s known diabetic condition was not enough to prevent her employer from accusing her of theft.

February Legal Roundup

February Legal Roundup: Is ‘Something Is Wrong’ Enough Notice of a Disability?

How explicit do you have to be for your employer to know that you have an ADA-defined disability?

A roundup of legal cases involving discrimination lawsuits.

January Legal Roundup: Can a Religious Object Be a ‘Dangerous Weapon’?

What is a kirpan, and why was a Sikh IRS agent fired for wearing one to work?

Poor job performance reviews negate a discrimination lawsuit over a promotion.

November Legal Roundup: Poor Performance Overrides Edge in Experience

Older white man’s uneven work history precluded a discrimination case after he was passed over for someone 30 years younger.

Is EEOC Allowing Discrimination Against Older Workers, People With Disabilities?

Reverse Discrimination? EEOC Allows Bias in Favor of People With Disabilities, Older Workers

An EEOC discussion letter states that the ADA and ADEA cover only one-way discrimination; they do not cover those without disabilities or the more youthful.


No ADA Accommodation Leads to Seizure, Hospitalization for Diabetic Worker

Can a manager legally keep his employee, who has diabetes, from testing her blood sugar? Read this and other recent discrimination cases.

Supervisor Slammed for ‘Terrorist’ Slur to Muslim Employee

Find out how the EEOC settled this race, national-origin and religious-discrimination case, and read how the courts ruled in other workplace-related lawsuits.