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Facebook Censorship

Facebook’s Secret Censorship Rules Protect White Men from Hate Speech But Not Black Children

A trove of internal documents sheds light on the algorithms that Facebook’s censors use to differentiate between hate speech and legitimate political expression.

Richest Americans Live Seven to 10 Years Longer than Poorest

Richest Americans Live Seven to 10 Years Longer than Poorest

The study also found that Blacks are over four times more likely to live in the poorest regions than the richest.

Nielsen’s ‘On The Record With Cheryl Grace’

Nielsen’s ‘On The Record With Cheryl Grace’

A talk with Cheryl Grace, an author of Nielsen's report "Young, Connected and Black: African American Millennials Are Driving Social Change and Leading Digital Advancement."

Flint water crisis

Don’t Want to Drink the Water we Poisoned? Show us Your ID!

Authorities in Flint have been requiring IDs before handing out water bottles to residents in need.

Donald Trump propaganda

Trump’s Comments are 74 Percent Lies

From celebrating Muslims on 9/11 to Black on Black crime, Trump is full of baloney.

Trump South Carolina Event

Trump Tries, But Fails To Draw a Black Audience

Says he has “a lot of" African-American friends, but none of them showed up to event co-sponsored by African-American Chamber of Commerce.

New Data Sheds Light on Where Hate Groups Thrive

Areas with lower income and higher diversity top the list.

Ask the White Guy Luke Visconti Explains the History Behind the term African-American

Ask the White Guy: Is a White Person From Africa an African-American?

In short, no. But please read about how our country’s history makes America unique in having “African-Americans.”

What Rock and Roll Really Means

Dr. Jacklyn Chisholm, vice president of planning and external affairs for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum (Rock Hall) in Cleveland, talks about the legacy of rock and roll in the African-American community.

Ask the White Guy, Luke Visconti, DiversityInc CEO

Ask the White Guy: Is a White Immigrant From Africa Really an African-American?

DiversityInc's White Guy responds to a reader who inquires about the racial identity of a white immigrant from Mozambique. What's in a name?