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Advocates Fear What Trump Presidency Will Mean for People with Disabilities

Advocates Fear What Trump Presidency Will Mean for People with Disabilities

President-elect Donald Trump has not been clear on his ideas regarding people with disabilities but notably mocked a reporter with a disability during his campaign.

Marco Rubio’s Quest to Kill Obamacare to Affect Latinos, Blacks

Rubio’s provision has caused some insurers to shut down.

Michael Carvin says Obamacare was written for women and minorities

Obamacare Written by ‘Women and Minorities,’ Says Opposing Lawyer

In a Wall Street Journal profile, the attorney leading the anti-Obamacare effort makes sarcastic comments about ACA’s source.

Obamacare is finding success, even in red states.

Obamacare Even Works in Red States … If You Let It

Two of the states with the greatest success in implementing Obamacare are a pair of largely anti-Obamacare states. But one used a neat trick to make it work.

Fact vs. Fiction: is Obamacare Working?

Fact vs. Fiction: Is Obamacare Working?

In the seemingly endless back and forth, both sides are claiming victory (or their opponent’s defeat) when it comes to Obamacare. But with midterm elections riding on it, is the Affordable Care Act actually working?

The U.S. economy would have contracted in the first quarter of 2014 if not for an increase in healthcare spending because of Obamacare.

Obamacare’s Big Save

In a gloomy report, healthcare spending thanks to Obamacare is the bright spot that keeps the U.S. economy from going into the red. Get the details here.

Sebelius Resigns: What Does This Mean For The Affordable Care Act?

After a rocky 5 years of leading Obamacare, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius resigns. What does this mean for healthcare reform?

Ask the White Guy: Mourning Diversity

What is driving the resistance to “diversity” among middle-aged, midlevel majority executives?

Julie Boonstra Affordable Care Act Ad Koch Brothers

‘Unaffordable’ Obamacare Plan Could Save Woman More Than $7,600

What prompted Michigan leukemia patient Julie Boonstra to speak out against the Affordable Care Act in an ad paid for by the Koch brothers’ Americans for Prosperity, when she's actually going to save thousands of dollars?


Is Spanish Affordable Care Act Website Worse Than Healthcare.gov?

Millions of uninsured Latinos have been denied the opportunity to enroll for health insurance because of problems with CiudadoDeSalud.gov.

Researcher looks at the success of the Affordable Care Act in states based on their acceptance of its benefits.

‘Go’ States Thrive Under Affordable Care Act, ‘No’ States Don’t

Researchers use a single chart to demonstrate how the states that have blocked benefits of the Affordable Care Act are hurting their residents. See it here.

Website glitches are keeping Americans who need insurance from enrolling on the Affordable Care Act website.

Affordable Care Act Enrollment Slowed by Website ‘Glitches’

Technology and unexpectedly high website traffic combine to frustrate those looking to enter the health-insurance marketplace.

FOX News contributor Ben Carson said the Affordable Care Act is like slavery.

‘It Is Slavery’: FOX News Contributor on Affordable Care Act

On the job for just a matter of days, FOX News’ newest contributor takes conservative condemnation of the healthcare law to a new level.

Massachusetts' insurance law, similar to the Affordable Care Act, has already closed some racial gaps in healthcare.

How Insurance Access Has Already Closed Racial Gaps

The Affordable Care Act was partly inspired by a smaller-scale law already in place—and this one has worked.

Politics Leaves Millions Uninsured & Ineligible for Affordable Care Act Benefits

Politics Leaves Millions Uninsured & Ineligible for Affordable Care Act Benefits

Adding insult to injury, political posturing not only hurts those that the Affordable Care Act was intended to help the most, but also makes them subject to fines.

Affordable Care Act insurance exchanges are open despite the government shutdown.

Affordable Care Act Insurance Exchanges Open

Insurance enrollment opens despite government shutdown. Here’s a guide to what you need to know.

Fla. congressman claims Affordable Care Act tanning tax is racist against white people.

Congressman: Affordable Care Act Tanning Tax Is Racist

Sunshine State congressman says tax on elective activity discriminates based on skin color.

President Obama is hoping to enlist celebrities to help promote the Affordable Care Act.

Is Jennifer Hudson Going to Help Sell Obamacare?

Communications crisis leads to closed-door meeting with Hollywood celebs.